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  1. I’ve no doubt you’re correct, and it’ll be heavily incentivised at the moment, to encourage the switch to electric. It’ll be more than a couple of years tho I reckon, and the good thing for me, is that I get to take full advantage of it until the time comes that it isn’t.
  2. Headed into York this morning for a few bits, to the generic out of town shopping park. Have parked up and charged the car for free whilst getting the messages, easy as fuck.No extra waiting for it to charge.
  3. That was also Jamie Winter.
  4. This. A fresh approach is needed. A more positive manager, with fresh ideas, someone less concerned with the other teams, and not afraid to really get up against them.
  5. Well, when goalies fuck up, it’s usually a big one-and that’s a fucking big one! Well, we can now concentrate on the league I guess
  6. See edit above, where I say November-not all season! We had been playing some great stuff, but we have regressed, possibly since Cosgrove has reappeared?
  7. Who’s the summariser on Premier Sports? ”Derek will be livid about the first half!” Fuck me, he picks the team, and sets out the formation, tactics etc! It’s not even like this performance is out of character, to suggest we’ve been unlike our usual selves.
  8. Stream seems to have gone down-possibly a blessing in disguise!
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