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  1. If Villa stay up then they could be back in for him again.
  2. We will get a replacement manager with Yank connections, possibly a Scottish bloke managing in the US like Martin Rennie (Indy Eleven) or Neil Collins (Tampa Bay Rowdies). Cormack will take recommendations from his Stateside chums but won't be taking anyone from Atlanta United because we're the junior partner in that arrangement. Unless Stephen Glass turns out to be utterly shit at management in the next nine months or so.
  3. £3m, plus £2m add-ons confirmed by the club. 20% sell on fee too. Cunt better nae do a Ryan Fraser..
  4. We better lock this deal in quickly, reading on Twitter the Forest boss is on the verge of the sack already.
  5. Mental that only Rangers, Celtic and Hibs have positive goal differences in the league.
  6. We've had a few three goal pumpings from Motherwell in recent seasons, Robinson can certainly do a number on McInnes when he wants to.
  7. McInnes is a rare breed of GOODGER. Also see McCrorie, R.
  8. Clearly found Porterfield's old map of the harbour streets in one of the office drawers..
  9. Twitterbook tells me it is exactly one year since Fernando Ricksen's tragic, regrettable, untimely passing. A moment's silence please, all.
  10. Not one of Richard Curtis' best movies..
  11. Has this move really helped St. Mirren? 2-0 down already, maybe a masterstroke by Budge.
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