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  1. They don't like to hear the truth that's for sure
  2. Wilson and Anderson up top in a two. Goals galore. Sell cosgrove to the highest bidder and welcome in the era of sexy football.
  3. Wasnt even a booking. Recklessly out of control my arse
  4. 2-2 and we only played for 45 minutes. They are shit. With any luck they'll go spend a load of money they don't have in January and die shortly after.
  5. This lot are shite when you get in amongst them.
  6. I'm in full on dream mode. We don't get this often. Enjoy while we can.
  7. The amount of needless fouls McKenna gives away is frightening. No brains whatsoever.
  8. "We did not miscalculate anything" HMRC
  9. Wasnt bad. Wasnt great. We looked dangerous when the ball was on the deck and McGinn was a threat most of the night. Reverted to long balls later in the second half which Cosgrove couldn't do much with. A striker playing off him would have got onto a couple of his flick ons and potentially put the game to bed. Baffles me how our management team can't see the same.
  10. Was something on the tv the other week about that show and them boys couldnt believe their luck. Living the dream and channel 4 throwing money at them. Gascoigne was mentioned so I turned it off.
  11. Im in. The wilson show is the only real show in town.
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