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  1. Would be very surprised if Berahino would join us, he would probably want much more than we could afford to pay
  2. We've signed one. Scott Brown. Can't see Campbell getting a start ahead of him. Campbell will probably be back up for the inevitable suspensions Brown will get.
  3. https://editorial01.shutterstock.com/wm-preview-450/10160896ao/1908519f/good-morning-britain-tv-show-london-uk-shutterstock-editorial-10160896ao.jpg I've always thought Laura Tobin would be a right dirty cow
  4. Jennifer Reoch. She's a former Miss Scotland
  5. What about all the other mistakes other players made yesterday?
  6. Rangers v Celtic now Friday at 7.45pm Decision has already been made. Prince Philip 1 Scottish Cup 0
  7. He certainly made a difference when he came on yesterday with his presence but really should have scored with that header. A striker who can't score? As someone posted above that's just the way it is, some things will never change
  8. Yes to Griffiths. Anderson isn't good enough.
  9. Give it a couple of games and Ramsay and Mackenzie will be getting some fans slagging them off
  10. Much better attitude in this half. And get the politics chat to fuck on a match thread.
  11. Can't work out if our players are just going through the motions or sulking because they lost McInnes.
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