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  1. FFS, what games have these clubs been watching that could have possibly got them interested in this fraud.
  2. He worries me far less when not on the team sheet, but I take your point, he did play better today.
  3. I agree, I thought it was a pen, we got away with one, Kennedy did look to have a bit more intent, Ojo, is not good enough, he had a better game than his usual. Hedges was good today, he just needs a bit more composure, which will come. Cosgrove is just not turning up.
  4. Lets hope he's given a good chance to improve in the 1st team.
  5. If Sam had a bit more up top, he would have scored more and if his head hadn't been turned, if we didn't have the Ukranian upfront bouncing into everything other than the ball, we would have scored more goals. Granted the service has been crap, but they have had chances to score and fucked it up.
  6. Fucking hope not, anyway, Stoichkov had skills, Skovdahl had excuses.
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