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  1. Say that to Marie curie
  2. Spot on F n D his first touch bringing down the ball is normally good especially as it was normally coming out the night sky and his vision of pass with his back to goal to release wingers have been very good, scores all sorts of goals, strong in the air as well as our penalty taker who hardly misses, scores tap ins and intelligent goals like the curler against the Georgian mob last year For instance.we would defo miss him if sold, same as the carthorse. We don’t appreciate them while there here but realise what we had once there gone.ie McLean,shinnie etc
  3. That’s my worry as well and seen as Taylor will probably get more game time so it’ll only get worse, hopefully if we can still play 3 at the back and utilise kennedy and Hayes on one side and hedges/Watkins and Logan/Hernandez on the right it could possibly mean the end of hoofball and cosgrove to actually get proper service in the box and using him to hold the ball up letting our wingers and attacking midfielders to run by him and support him better.funny thing is the amount of goals he has scored while we have launched balls upfront, imagine if our attacks were a lot more controlled, on the deck and getting proper supported how many could he possibly get?
  4. What do you suggest in CM?, cause as I see it we have 2 out of the 3 best young Cms at our club barring Campbell!, definitely need a composed Lcb to play alongside Hoban and either Kennedy back so we can revert to Hayes being a Left Wing back again or getting in a proper left back like leigh!, we are defo missing cosgrove,Watkins is a winger never a striker
  5. Hamilton 0-2 Dundee Utd Livingston 2-1 St Johnstone St Mirren 0-2 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1-3 Sevco Celtic 2-1 Hibs Ross County 1-1 Aberdeen
  6. Good luck, hope you have a good season ahead but not this game!
  7. 🍺🍺 game day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️ cmon dons get that fire in the belly and don’t give this lot a second!, could be one of our best results in years if we turn up with the right mentality. COYR
  8. No fair point just annoyed that we didn’t get the dollars is all, especially as I was expecting between 4-5 million from his moving, and to be fair that kind of money generally doesn’t come to our club for basically free and circumstances went against our club!. also the timing would have been useful to help fill the Covid financial black hole
  9. We’ve no chance😭😭😭 giving that line up, that would be the strongest team sheet we have faced since real Sociedad in my opinion.hoping match fitness, player and fan unrest, general malaise within your club, no fan participation and the fact we normally play well against the better sides in Europe as the likes of Rijeka, Maribor, Groningen, Sociedad and Burnley can contest to, giving us a small chance Cheers for the info👍
  10. Kennedy was coming on to a right good game as well, typical he misses our biggest game of the season and can’t see McInnes using considine on the left as he would get ripped for pace!think he’ll utilise Hayes but then our left wing looks quite blunt
  11. Would the front 3 be phellype and sporar with Mateus supporting or is it 1 up top with wingers and midfield runners Like Wendell supporting?, always liked ristovski !, always played well for a shite Macedonia a bet you miss Bruno what a player he is
  12. Never really liked him when he was at athletico, wasn’t really prolific, pace and running in to space between defenders and midfielders is what he was good at but I always thought he was never a striker,is he a Covid victim and were does he play for yourselves
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