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  1. I noticed that. I see they also have a young striker called Tyler Wolff on the bench. we should get him on Loan. The Wolff amongst the sheep has a nice ring to it
  2. Game turned when Hendry came on and Kamberi got a free role, game opened up and Mcginn, Kamberi & Hayes were superb from then on
  3. Get Mclennan to fuck permanently, shouldn't even be a pro he is so bad
  4. Hope I am wrong but just cannot see us scoring here more likely to lose another
  5. Utter dross yet again, get Kennedy and Mclennan to fuck at half time. Hayes and McCrorie have both been terrible and Mcginn is done
  6. Mcinnes saying 6-0 humping can happen against the Cheeks, exactly the mentality we are well rid of
  7. I will be looking Today and going forward at the style of football he is playing. I want to see us at least attempt to play good attacking football this season but obviously he could be hindered by the current squad In the fact we may not get results, but next season when he gets a pre-season and his own players in I will be expecting him to show us a good style of attacking football which may take a while to bear fruit in respects of results, but ultimately I believe if he sticks to good attacking football and signs the right players we should be expecting at least 3rd next season
  8. Its a lot easier to cancel than it used to be. When you had to phone them up it took forever to get through and then the inevitable effort to make you change your mind. Now you can cancel online. You can actually cancel now and it will switch off in a months time as you pay in advance
  9. Every managerial appointment is a gamble no matter whether they have experience or not. Glass with his staff excite me due to the fact they all have qualities I was looking for in a new management team. Brown is an absolute winner and will help the younger players we are told will become more prominent, he also has a good knowledge of Scottish football currently. Russell is a crack forwards coach who must have many contacts all over the English leagues and Europe. Glass has done something different career wise than the usual boring suspects like Hughes, Goodwin and Robinson. He will hopefully have different ideas to the hum drum normal Scottish type coach and will have loads of contacts in the US. Time will tell how much of a gamble it will be but it has got to better than the rubbish we have been watching lately
  10. What gets me is the front of this club who are followed by the most odious bigoted fans on the planet holding themselves up as some kind of example for Anti racism. They also have a manager who organised the handing out of T-shirts to defend the racist that is Luis Suarez
  11. I have never seen the lad play as I very rarely watch the Huns unless we are playing them, Calvin Ramsay is better than O'Donnell and I've only seen him twice. I just hate watching Scotland with any Huns involved
  12. We did a Survey at work with the 78 people currently working from home. Nobody wanted this to continue full time not one person, 48 wanted to go to a half and half model and 30 want back to the office full time
  13. Wright has plenty time to work in the gym, its not like he actually needs to worry about playing, basically gets about 12 minutes every 2nd game when the opposition are well beaten. Tight game against Hibs at the weekend stays on the bench. I think it will be even worse next season. He is just another Greg Stewart with a longer contract. It is not bulking up he needs as he is a fanny in his head and Heart and the gym won't cure that
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