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  1. No way will Mcinnes be sacked this season I think we all can see this, he will probably see out his contract. This now is the time the club should be doing their homework and earmarking his replacement. We need someone with the balls to challenge the old firm without fear and also someone that can set a team up with game plans for different opposition.
  2. We are definitely missing the work rate and pace of Watkins. Cosgrove just encourages a return to pointless high balls which we have seen a lot f this week
  3. Absolutely schooled by Stmirren, no game plan apart from the old tried and failed hoof ball, baffling substitutions and terrible defending. a lot accepted last Weeks hammering by Sevco but the last 2 results have been horrific
  4. We miss the drive of Ferguson and MCcrorie when they are missing big style
  5. Got out of jail there could easily have been 4 or 5 down, hopefully he gets Ojo off at half time as he is useless
  6. Was in Union Square and then Tesco's Today and they were both absolutely mental. These places are just breeding grounds for the virus mask or no masks and supermarkets in particular have opened all the way through without really much difference,I mean Tesco Today is as busy as it was this time last Year with the only difference being folk are wearing masks. Football outdoor with the correct measures in place can be nowhere near as dangerous as the likes of Tesco and Union Square Today. Cormack seems to have picked this fight with the Scottish Government but it is a fight I don't think he will win. As plenty have said Leitch is just a puppet for the Government I don't believe he has much influence at all
  7. This will be a horrific spectacle and will be won either by one goal either way or on pens
  8. Main and Ojo are both Horrific players, both terrible signings
  9. Cant believe Ojo starts after his shit show on Sunday, any of the players on the bench are better than him and that's without ever having seen half of them play
  10. It is just typical of the narratives around Covid just now certain Aberdeen pubs slaughtered for some fans celebrating a famous win yet Scotland players partying and doing the conga is celebrated with a song even making it to the top of the charts out of it. Maybe if the SFA representing players were held to the same standards as our 8 players going for a meal in August we might have had 2 more players available on Sunday.
  11. Alloa 1-2 Hearts Arbroath 0-3 Dunfermline Hibernian 4-1 Dundee Livingston 2-2 Ayr Motherwell 1-0 St Johnstone St Mirren 0-2 Aberdeen Celtic 5-0 Ross County Falkirk 0-4 Sevco.
  12. I would have Ojo nowhere near this team. I would rather see one of the young lads thrown in than play him Lewis Devlin. Taylor Considine Logan Leigh Hoban. Campbell Hedges Kennedy Cosgrove
  13. My problem with Mcinnes is his inability to set a team up to frustrate and compete against the Cheeks, he has always believed we cannot compete at all with the cheeks and this transmits to his players. They looked Today and have many times in the past completely devoid of any ideas and nobody looked as if they knew what they were doing tactically. No idea what the plan was meant to be with Edmondson, why play 2 strikers when you are parking the bus. As we all know Mcinnes is tasked with 3rd place and maybe a cup final and I cant see that changing anytime soon. He gets away with it Today due to the lack of players but I really believe if we had a full team the result would have been no different
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