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  1. Plenty time to buy a carry out and wander up the road to drown your sorrows. As a game , will be all over after 60 minutes. Cant say I will be sorry.
  2. Internal error on ppv ? Could be a bad start to a bad " Players were tired after their exertions on Thursday night , what , with that and the travel "
  3. Sabri Lamouchi ([sabʁi lamuʃi]) (Arabic: صبري لموشي‎, born 9 November 1971) is a French former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. He is the manager of EFL Championship club Nottingham Forest.
  4. Independence would be a complete clusterfuck , expensive to , we would be bankrupt within 5 years and have to ask the EU for a loan if they have the stupidity to let us in. If not , can hardly ask the English for money after telling them to fuck off ?
  5. Scotland will not win the play offs and qualify for anything soon, not a scooby. Clarke will stay for another failed campaign.
  6. Really looking forward to the game tonight and I reckon we have the beating of them. Have bought PPV and although it's a bit of a lottery with the login , am hopeful. If not , it's on radio shortbread wa hey. COYR
  7. Dont be nervous , just ask for refund and they will give you as they know it's a fuck up. I reckon they are not making much and players will go as their contracts come to an end. Either that or it will be on greatly reduced terms.
  8. The whole thing is a shambles , all should be linked , different logins ppv , st , red tv . I am waiting a refund for the killie game , where I paid and could not get logged in.
  9. In the last games we have played teams who were also playing 3 at the back and McInnes likes to match up with that system Should we not be playing our best system and letting them match up to it ? Take the front foot and smash them.
  10. That's why they must play on Thursday , our most important game of the season so far. The league we can make up as the season goes on. Europa , once you're oot you're oot.
  11. Fuck the knee , fuck the mini huns , get in about them. COYR
  12. Clangers on the bench , Midden v Hivs
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