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  1. McKenna is absolutely strolling his way through his debut. Getting plenty time on the ball though, far more time than he would up here. The good thing about it is he will get seen week in week out on English TV. I honestly think the Championship is vastly overrated and McKenna will look like he's far better than he actually is. And that a lower EPL level club will snap him up in a year's time for £20million. Kerching!
  2. Your chin would get in the way Definitely time for you to reactivate your sponsored silence. 6 months minimum
  3. I'll trust David's opinion on the subject more than yours Millermong Spanish is closer to French than Portuguese Es un hecho/e um fato Piehole/shut el/ moosiojaw
  4. Millermong now a linguistics expert too now. Shut yer piehole moose jaw... Btw....I was at school with Professor David Adger. Go look him up....
  5. It's said that the native Spanish/French/Italian speakers can converse amongst themselves in their own native language and the others will be able to understand and reply in their own language and be understood comfortably. However with Portuguese/Spanish.....apparently the Portuguese can follow a Spanish conversation and pretty much understand what's going on (although they would never admit it) But a Spaniard listening to a Portuguese conversation would pick up the odd word here and there...but generally wouldn't have a clue as to the whole gist of the convo.
  6. Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are all Romance languages ie derived directly from Latin. Portuguese and Romanian are the ones who have diversified the most from it, Spanish, French and Italian being very similar in style (Italian and French are the 2 closest of all)
  7. He might have got bulleted today had he lost last night's EL tie. But winning last season's Scottish Cup is of secondary importance to 10IAR to everyone involved with/supporting Celtic. He'll get to the end of the season unless he drops more than 6 points behind sevco ( not including games in hand). If he fails to land 10IAR he's gone in summer no question.
  8. Game is on grass, don't expect Hoban to be dropped unless he is carrying a niggle from last night. Would like to see Edmondson get a start, ideally in tandem with Watkins but that's probably too cavalier an approach for McInnes so more likely that Watkins would drop to the bench. Wright deserves his starting place back. Logan wasn't great last night but if anyone is going to drop out I'd say he was favourite. Can see a draw being the outcome.
  9. Julian Lennon is more likely to be our next manager than that wee ginger bastard. When, not if, Celtic give him the dunt, he will hang around in managerial limbo until the Republic of Ireland job becomes available.
  10. Hernandez speaks Spanish. Portuguese is a Romance language as Spanish is...but they really aren't particularly similar....Spanish is closer to French
  11. Don't you dare threaten us like that ever again
  12. to pay McInnes off would cost us somewhere around £1.5 million. And another £200k or so for Docherty on top of that. He's heard fuck all....well maybe the voices in his head
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