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  1. Anything you disagree with Millermong?
  2. Fuck sake I take the dog round the block to prevent a pished carpet and come back to find 2 goals scored COYR
  3. Gloves on a night like this? Poovery All will be forgiven if he turns this round though
  4. Needs to make changes at HT Problem is the number of changes we need to make exceeds the number of subs allowed. McCrorie, Kennedy, Hayes, Campbell, Ferguson, Mclennan all been utter pony
  5. give it time....vipbox will be up and running in about 4 minutes
  6. I'm sure McInnes will always be welcome at Pittodrie. Bizarre he chooses to turn up at his replacement's first match in charge though Anyway 2-1 and into the next round
  7. Alas promotion is minimal once again Whatever the fuck that means
  8. It's his lesser known brother at Peterborough who has flourished and looks like going for multi-millions in the summer Karamoko always looked to be too small to ever make it to the top level of football. I know that Billy Gilmour isn't that much bigger, but he really is an elite talent. I don't believe Dembele is.
  9. So the Peterborough single romped home last night.......terrific stuff As I said, today I'm going with a double. A wee check on the runners and riders........Stoke only have 14 fit outfield players, O'Neill quoted as having promoted a few youngsters into the squad to cover. Not touching that with a bargepole. So in comes Notts Forest at home to Huddersfield. Not ideal. Huddersfield are slap bang in the middle of a relegation battle. Forest themselves by no means safe yet but on balance probably already have a couple of points more than the team that eventually takes the plunge in 3rd bottom spot. And then onto Glass' debut. Surely to fuck we will get a bit of a new manager bounce against a side that's been in freefall since they turned us over (comfortably) at Pittodrie last time out. 3,72/1 for the double
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