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  1. Our average wage a couple of seasons back was just shy of £2.9k/wk. £3k/wk for Ojo is therefore eminently believeable.
  2. Interest in Ojo is bizarre. On both sides of the border too. I think we can safely say that in England it's going to be from EFL1 or lower. But the EFL1 wage cap sits at an average of £1700 per player. I can't see him wanting to take a pay cut anytime soon.....nor can I envisage a club there wanting to cough up close to twice what they "should" be paying a player. As for Scotland......who could afford the £3k/week? Outwith the cheeks who obvs won't be interested.......the Edinburgh clubs, Kilmarnock and maybe Motherwell on an individual case basis. St Mirren supposedly are paying Brophy an equivalent wage but I think they view him as a "star" striker and as such are paying him a commensurate salary. Ojo is just a bog standard midfielder. And anyway these clubs have all seen first hand that he's really done nothing in his time with us that suggests he's worth a contract on such terms anywhere else. On balance, I think I'll believe this story about purported interest when I see the club stating that they've accepted an offer
  3. I can't believe they are threatening to run a wildcat referendum whilst this Salmond cloud hangs over their leader. Maybe it's an attempt to shift the focus away from it but until Sturgeon either clears her name (and by doing so finally ensures that Salmond can play no active role in politics again) or she's found guilty, alongside her husband and both are forced to resign their positions (in Sturgeon's case not just the First Minister's position but also her MSP seat). And possibly face their own days in court themselves. Until this is sorted it's just a wide open goal for the remain parties to exploit and the opinion polls are bound to suffer in the interim. Sturgeon's handling of the coronavirus situation has been exemplary compared to Westminster but the goodwill from that is bound to wane soon, especially if the vaccination programme proves successful. Could take years to repair the damage if she is brought down. I agree Yousuf is probably the most likely replacement in the event the whole Sturgeon house of cards comes tumbling down. Safe pair of hands and as has been said, counteracts the likely Sarwar appointment, making the SNP look inclusive and forward thinking. I wouldn't discount a challenge coming in from Joanna Cherry though....even if Sturgeon survives. She's fucking fuming about what happened in Edinburgh Central and might be looking for a spot of revenge. Obviously she would tick different boxes to Yousuf but nonetheless would still look good on the diversity front.
  4. I've been having a quick scan around to see what rules pertain to the Championship regarding this. Can't see any strict budget limits to their squads like are in force in EFL1/2. More seems to be about profit and sustainability.....apparently clubs in the Championship have to publish evidence before 30th June each year that proves they haven't lost more than a total of £39million over the previous 3 seasons. Some have blatantly breached those rules but have got round them by selling their stadia and leasing them back from their new owners. Derby, Reading and surprise surprise....Sheff Wed have went down this route. Hope the cheating hoors get relegated
  5. He's not even performing at the level of a £300k striker right now. But we know he's capable of 25 goals a season, given the right service and the right state of mind. And that's a £3million striker to a Championship club Fuck knows what Wednesday were willing to pay but it sounds like they're trying it on. I want him out as he''s just a toxic presence but we can't allow ourselves to be bullied into selling players cut price to shite from the English second level
  6. Ten Caat


    I know what happens. I've ran flu vaccination clinics What you want to do would land a nurse (and presumably a doctor) in front of their regulatory body after the inevitable complaints came rolling in
  7. We aren't The proof was posted in his thread last week No development fee is payable if a player joins a club after the end of the season in which that player turns 23
  8. If he moves in this window we are
  9. Propaganda, purely to make them look good to their own fans. They'll be lapping up that they've got a player joining up in summer directly from us. Plus it might put a bit of pressure on the player's current club to come to an arrangement to let the player join up at the new club immediately if they really want him.
  10. i said i wouldn't describe him as a has been.... CRINE
  11. The pre-contract has no bearing on any development fee. That is a private agreement between sevco and the player. It makes it difficult, but not impossible, for either party to back out from him signing a contract with them in the summer. He isn't their player yet and won't be until he signs proper registration forms. As it stands, that won't occur until summer when no development fee will be due. However they do apparently want him to join up immediately. This is a totally different scenario altogether and because the season has not ended, a development fee would be payable. Why they need him so urgently is frankly bizarre. The league is won. Their squad is already enormous. Yes they are still in Europe and perhaps they are quietly fancying their chances of going very deep into the competition.....they might want reinforcements that allow players involved in Euro ties to be rested in league/cup matches 3 days later??
  12. So let' recap Ronnie joins us in a holding operation on behalf of Altanta. Atlanta pull out of signing him at the last minute. Hernandez becomes the root cause of starting WW3 The 'Hat........making history right in front of our eyes
  13. I actually think Jones would make an effort. He knows he's finished at sevco and would be playing for his future, wherever that may be. I still don't want him though. Wright.....who knows? He might be an honest pro and give his all. But if he was played and lost form.......he'd be getting accused of not trying his arse. He's really put himself in a no-win situation and the best solution for the club and him would be to come to an agreement with sevco to let him fuck off immediately
  14. He's on loan at Motherwell till the end of the season. Not getting much game time now Computer says no
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