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  1. Nope. SPFL are going after the players SFA going after the clubs for "bringing the game into disrepute"
  2. Best out and out goalscorer I'd agree. But best striker....no can't buy that. Had McDougall been in the CWC Final in the position Magoo found himself in extra time....I'm not sure he would have skipped past the Real defender never mind Hewitt receiving the cross he did. (I'm not saying Magoo is the best striker we have had either btw)
  3. We bought Devlin when he wasn't even halfway through his rehab for his (second) cruciate injury We signed Bryson (F.O.C) when he was rehabbing his fairly serious ankle injury
  4. Cause and effect. The players actions gave the government the excuse to politely insist the game....and subsequent ones...were postponed. If they find themselves banned for a game or two then I don't believe we can (or will) make any complaint/appeal against the decision.
  5. Better odds on the Dalai Lama's knees lasting the full season though. I hope it works out for the loon but it's just too early to risk signing him for any longer just now. If things are going well in November, probably worth chancing it
  6. They don't though. Those coming from the Middle East...come through Turkey. Which is considered safe. (I do realise there are around 3.5million refugees there and of course they cannot all stay there. So let's give Turkey a free pass. Depending on their next move...they either try to move on to Greek Islands, conveniently situated within 5 miles of the Turkish coast so easily accessed. Greece is certainly safe but they generally do not want to stay there..they want to get to the mainland and progress their journey through the Balkans. Any of the FYR countries are safe. Nope don't want to claim asylum there. Hungary maybe? Poland? Bulgaria or Romania? No thanks pal..we'll keep on moving. Austria surely. Beautiful country. Safe as houses. No thanks. On they press to Germany...that might work. Took in a million only a few year back. Natives now bitterly regretting that decision. France? Nah...get to the Calais region. We can get on a boat there. Those coming from Western and Central Africa. Now they generally land in Italy or Spain (for those who's boat journey goes tits up, Malta end up hoovering them up). Perfectly safe. Vast majority have no interest in staying in either. Another route march ensues, heading for the French border. Closed at times on the coastal route..the more adventurous head a few miles inland and over the lower Alpine passes. And on to Calais we go. They're economic migrants no matter what you say
  7. It won't be a big hit. Insurance will cover anything we owe after a period of time ...it's 6 weeks I think IIRC.
  8. We have put folk on furlough. And put (negotiated is a word I hesitate to use.....) loads of staff on reduced wages and on wage deferrals. I meant whacking out a transfer fee as the similarity to Hibs, in a situation where we aren't paying many of our staff their contracted salaries
  9. Have to say I'm with CC and Daytripping on this one. These people aren't refugees, they're economic migrants. When they get interviewed, the standard phrase they use is "I want a better life". Well the UK (or any other country for that matter) does not owe anybody a better life. They are seduced by profiteering criminal traffickers promising a life of instant housing, benefits, free healthcare and a near guarantee that no matter if your "asylum" claim is rejected, it's still highly unlikely that you will be removed/deported ever. True refugees fleeing for their own safety would be only too happy to claim asylum in the first safe country they land in. Instead we see overflowing camps on the Greek Islands desperately wanting to be transferred to the mainland so they can continue their journey north-westwards towards the Channel coast and launch their own attempts to reach Britain. The time has come to close the door and do what the Australians do. And to put an end to the never-ending appeals process that inevitably ensues when one of them loses their case.
  10. I've made my views clear on Anderson. I don't think he's good enough and had Cosgrove and main been fit, I believe he would have been sent out on loan for the remainder of his contract and we would have gone with Ruth as a third choice for the season. However Cosgrove and Main are not fit. DM brought in Edmondson to cover them and promptly had to send him away injured ana. There have been rumours of Ross Stewart coming in on a pre-contract in January to join up next summer. I've already said I'd be happy with him as a replacement for Main (but not as our number 1 striker). We definitely need a competent striker in now though. We can't wait till Sept/Oct for our 2 strikers to reach fitness, nor can we go with Anderson, who just isn't good enough (and whose size doesn't suit our style of play anyway). I think the board have no choice other than to loosen the purse strings and bring in Stewart now. £200k I believe would suffice. I know it would be similar to what Hibs have done but we really are in dire need.
  11. Having paid DM and Doc up what they are due on the remainder of their 22 months left on their contracts (and bearing in mind our current financial situation) can you enlighten us as to what replacement management team you would consider as viable replacements??
  12. Even if Harvey leaves they've spent a shedload of cash and have definitely improved their squad. As I suspected they would...….they had no real alternative than to go all in to attempt to halt 10IAR. I have a horrible feeling they might just succeed. And getting access to CL money if they succeed would cover the cost of the gamble. Sevco are a different animal to the one that collapsed a few months back. They're still no world beaters but they don't have to be to finish above Celtic
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