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  1. What authority does Sturgeon have to influence the outcomes of postponed games? The point he was making is that the SPFL wouldn't want to award St J the points in our game as there has been enough controversy last season with Celtic being awarded the title....a "tainted" title in the eyes of sevconians. If St J got awarded the 3 points against us, then the SPFL would have to do exactly the same if any other club were deemed culpable in whatever manner that caused a game to be postponed due to a breach of covid regulations. And if it were one of the arse cheeks who were either awarded or forfeited points that then had a direct bearing on the outcome of this season's champions (and even more so if the league once again has to be curtailed, resulting in another early awarding of that) then the fallout would be even greater than has happened last season
  2. I said that yesterday..they shouldn't be fined, they should voluntarily donate 2 weeks wages. But to a charity, ideally a Covid related one. The money must be seen to be going to somewhere outwith anything related to the club.
  3. @ Parklife That's their own personal choice. It would certainly be sensible if you had a family member with a serious medical condition but it's absolutely not compulsory. "isolating" in this instance means isolating from any other staff member of AFC
  4. It's him who is the risk to others having been in contact with the 2 positive cases. If he was married with 5 kids..he wouldn't be expected to fuck off for a fortnight to a hotel room.
  5. He's injured anyway. Probably been told to stay away from Cormack Park for the time being. Anyone visiting him ( and presumably it wont be any of the squad unless they are massively retarded) does so at their risk. And of course, as long as he's not having more than 7 people round who are from 3 family groups or less
  6. Dicky Gordon on Radio Shortbread ….."expecting a statement imminently from the 8 Aberdeen players involved apologising for their behaviour"
  7. There are more than 8 names doing the rounds. I've counted 11 so simple arithmetic says that 3 of those are innocent. Only photographic evidence shows 4 definites, Unless you have seen different pics to me
  8. The incubation period that we know about (and remember this is still a very new disease so the evidence we have is still not considered too reliable) is that it can take between 48 hours and 14 days from being infected to actually showing symptoms and the virus being traceable. There are small numbers of anecdotal evidence recently that this might even be as long as between 21 and 28 days. So no....it doesn't follow that these players could test negative next week and be clear. They have to wait the full 14 days. What we don't know is if the guilty 8 attended training on Monday or any subsequent day before the first tested player became a confirmed positive. This is being kept quiet by the club but if they did, then there might well be further confirmed cases down the line. And that would be a disaster.
  9. I can't believe that he didn't know about the pre-arranged Shinnie birthday meal. He probably could claim to have no knowledge that certain players would then head on out pubbing it but by the same token, he must also have realised that it was a distinct possibility that they might. In light of the sevco result, he should have forcefully reminded them in the dressing room that on no account should anyone be seen out on town beyond the meal. I still can't believe the club's medical staff wouldn't have made it absolutely clear what was and wasn't allowed, both in general as members of the public and specifically as players bound by special rules to allow matches to go ahead though.
  10. Was mentioned on the Clyde 1 phone in not 20 minutes ago and they are saying that the SPFL have had no directive to order the match postponed as yet The club still has the match going ahead too
  11. I'm sure standard player contracts have clauses in about "bringing the club and/or game into disrepute". Generally also backed up in SFA/league rules so they can also take action. Allows the club to take disciplinary action (usually just a club fine) if they get convicted of certain criminal offences (the old chestnut was getting done for drink driving). I've no idea if what has occurred would be included in that, although there can be no doubt that that they certainly have brought the club into disrepute. There's no way we will be sacking anyone over this though. And if we did, they'd have to sack the whole lot of them. If we only sacked a few, they'd have an instant claim for inequitable treatment.
  12. What I saw was that she said that it was too early to comment on whether our following 2 matches would go ahead. I'd be amazed if they do
  13. And now confirmed on bbc website that it was the Scottish Govt who requested that the match be postponed
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