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  1. Don't see sevco pumping Galatasaray. They may well win the tie but it'll be a one goal win if decided in normal time. If Galatasaray can get it to extra time, I fancy them to upset the odds.
  2. Or a simple DNA test on the children which may already have been done when Obama was in the early stages of his presidency. Whenever the POTUS (and presumably his family) went anywhere, certainly on foreign trips, it's well documented that Air Force One, which has an inbuilt operating theatre, carries supplies of blood and blood products (clotting factor etc) in case of emergency. A normal group/X-Match test of course is not a DNA test but it isn't too much of a stretch to imagine that since DNA testing became available in the 80s that ever since it hasn't been done routinely alongside such tests as it's relatively cheap (I don't mean for the general public, just high profile figures of authority in case anyone thinks I'm claiming that it's done routinely).
  3. So Michelle was a man but gave birth to 2 girls? Hmmmm. Seeing a slight flaw in your mates' theory there
  4. County supposedly turned down a bid of £300k just a few days back from an EFL1 club. Fuckers are after £1million 😂 FWIW when we were credited with an interest earlier in the year, I had no problems with it if he were to be a replacement for Main. But on no account to be signed as the replacement for Cosgrove. He will score goals in a better side than County.
  5. one leg, winners away to either Norway or (IIRC) Serbia
  6. He can't sign a pre-contract till January. Motherwell would only be due compensation if he leaves for free based on his development from youth football till age 21, No chance would it be £500k. That might be the fee they are after for a permanent transfer right now, but if he stays with them till next summer they'll be due a similar sort of fee that we paid Hamilton for Ferguson....somewhere around the £200k mark. I also have no idea who Stefan Bienkowski is but he sounds like a buffoon
  7. Yep relapse a few weeks back of the injury (ruptured achilles??) that he was already rehabbing for. Out till well after New Year minimum. Third time it's happened to him. Always thought as a big Aberdeen supporter that he would end up with us at some point but not sure he's ever going to be fit enough now to do so.
  8. I think they'd tell us to fuck right off. £400k plus us loaning them Dean Campbell for the season might fly though EDIT...as for getting rid of Ojo...he's got the thick end of 2 years left on his contract. It's all very well saying punt him but to do that there has to be a team that wants him. For sure nobody is going to pay a fee for him but even taking him for free....we might have to subsidise a hefty chunk of his wages elsewhere just to get him away.
  9. As I've said before, Motherwell hold all the cards for now. They've offered the loon a new contract but even if it were on double the wages he gets now, the arse cheeks, ourselves and Hibs (Hearts too if they felt so inclined) could easily top their offer by a considerable margin. And of course he's now well aware of the interest from ourselves and Hibs at an absolute minimium. I suppose he could sign a new contract that carries with it a minimum release clause fee like Hayes did and that would be very noble of him but also a big risk.....other clubs might regard that fee as too high or even worse, he cops a bad injury soon after signing it. I guess it all depends on how much they value his services for this coming year and where they think they'll finish up at season's end (no guarantee that this one will ever complete properly in spite of all the precautions and rules the clubs are undertaking). Right now they're a point above the bottom....I guess for now they'd prefer to keep him over taking a cash bid unless it's for outrageous money. If they're in a better position league wise by January they might be more amenable to cashing in before they lose him for nothing but if still near the bottom then probably they'll let his contract run down in the hope he ensures their league status.
  10. Selling Ferguson and bringing in Campbell as his replacement is exactly the type of financial model we should be doing. Relatively small initial outlays for players with obvious potential on 4 year contracts, getting 2 good years service minimum in which they enhance their reputation then selling on for around 10 times the initial outlay keeps us sustainable in perpetuity. One such signing per season should now be considered the norm. If we could find a way to bring through at least one similar home grown player every 2-3 years on top then we are more than just sustainable...we should see trophies start to come in on a reasonably regular basis.
  11. Michael Stewart said on Sportscene that their keeper could and should have done better.
  12. Retard claiming McInnes has made him his top signing target for next season with a pre-contract to be offered in January
  13. Injured just now is he not? I had hoped that he would kick on this season and make himself a regular in the side (I think he's got the potential to be far better than either McGeouch or Ojo) but signing McCrorie has pushed him so far down the pecking order that I really do believe it would be in everyone's interests to get him out on loan for the rest of this season. He would surely be a useful asset to a team like Dundee at a minimum...better still St Johnstone or St Mirren
  14. Surprisingly sensible. Have you ever considered a career in politics?
  15. Ten Caat


    Loving the Millermong/Rocket Scientist mutual appreciation society. This has potential
  16. Daniel Fergus McGrain. Was certainly a protestant with the most un-protestant name ever. But not sure if he was a Rangers supporter? EDIT...he did apparently
  17. Someone should complain to Ofcom?? and force them to make a retraction on air and stating the truth of what actually happened
  18. I've seen the same retiral rumour but due to him being a type 1 diabetic. Either way would be a tragedy for the loon
  19. I've no direct evidence of this "fact" but certain sevconians on certain sevconian fans sites claim that Campbell has fairly close family in the Orange Order. I suspect that might make Celtic at the very least wary of signing him if true.
  20. That's actually quite a decent call. As I said before elsewhere....Campbell's natural allegiance is with the club that lies on the opposite side of the city. It wouldn't preclude them from making an offer but I think it's doubtful they will. I'm sure English championship clubs will be very interested though.
  21. It would be massively hypocritical of Hibs to go out and spend cash on a new player when only 48 hours ago their Chief Executive was literally begging for a bailout for all clubs due to the likely extension of no crowds indefinitely. That said, if there is any truth in the report then we absolutely must try to gazump them once again. I can't see Motherwell biting at £200k but the player himself might become unsettled if he knows bids are going in but not being accepted. Could see a compromise being reached allowing him to leave in January for maybe £250k...steep with only 6 months left on his contract but there will definitely be a few clubs interested so Motherwell hold all the cards...they won't be desperate for cash having just banked £3million for Turnbull which should see them comfortably through till next summer.
  22. We actually need someone to replace @Dad to give us weekly tips on who to put a line on. Someone who we can take note of their predictions and be confident that each and every one will be completely wrong, and so we bet on their opponents Step forward Millermong. You are about to become useful for once
  23. Keep sookin the boaby Millermong Its all you are good for
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