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  1. In fairness to Grays, I don't think he's under the illusion of posting sensible, dispassionate football analysis. He's openly biased toward his team, and overoptimistic. Or to put it another way - he's a Hibs junkie and HFC-positive.
  2. He's got McInnes's number tactically? Mibbe he should be phoning it then, and asking him how no' to get gubbed at home.
  3. Very pleased with where we're headed atm. This is the best squad we've had going back some seasons. When we have the likes of McGinn, McGeouch and the Main man coming off the bench, there's reason for optimism - especially now with the increased subs allowance.
  4. This is a good result for us - but tbh a stupid decision from the SFA. Sad fact is, a significant number of pro footballers are twats. And at least some of those twats will interpret suspended bans as meaning, "It's OK to break the lockdown rules once, as long as you don't do it twice in six months." I'd say the chances of this season being suspended for COVID reasons just rose about 300%.
  5. Hearing that Morelos has totally lost it. Got skeetered out his bronson on 'ludes and crank, carjacked a double-decker bus full of schoolkids and drove it into the window of the Rangers shop, wearing only a rainbow fanny-pack and a MAGA hat. Currently holed out in a hostage situation at a semi-detached in Milngavie, threatening to kill himself & three nuns unless he is brought a kilo of blue-flake cocaine and a dozen steakbakes. Personally I was sceptical about the MAGA hat, but the source is excellent.
  6. My main problem with McInnes negativity is that it has a negative effect on the players' mentality. Every time we go ahead and he takes off attacking playeers for more defensive players, he's telling them, "I don't totally trust you. We've probably been a bit lucky to score here, and now we should quit while we're ahead. End of the game can't come soon enough." Whereas if he urged them forward, and we racked up a 5-0 win, it could give the whole club a boost for weeks to come. I feel he underestimates the value of positive psychology. It's frustrating.
  7. Could be he was having a laugh. Watkins poet-grandad Vernon was one of the Bletchley Park cryptography team during WWII. ( That probably sounds like a bad joke, but it's actually true... )
  8. Have back as they are now : James Maddison Have back as they were then : Hans Gillhaus Never got to see Gillhaus in the flesh but love what I've seen of him on YouTube.
  9. Fucking hell - Vernon Watkins was his grandad? In the context of that braindead interview, that is freakin bizarre news. Mibbe he just affects verbal retardation out of modesty.
  10. Donkeyet mair like. Only glimpse I saw of him being a good player was the glimpse just after him miscontrolling the ball, and just before him misplacing a 7-yard pass.
  11. You know what they say - No Welshman No Cry.
  12. "Barry Town - nae that barry after all." I'm betting there will be goals in it though, if this game's anything to go by...
  13. Aye, that was uppermost in my mind. Not sure I'd be keen to sit through that twice, never mind the general public.
  14. Why would we not? It's nae like we need to maximise attendance atm. More a question of whether the TV dudes think Us v Faroes Team is preferable to a complete absence of football.
  15. This is probably controversial, but I think the huns are an excellent place to source players atm. They currently have this weird ability to make good players seem shit. Look at that Nigerian guy Umar Sadiq. Could barely get a game there in 2018, they were all saying he was a donkey. Went to Partizan Belgrade and he's been absolutely tearing it up ever since. Now rumoured to be headed for Man United. Gerrard was saying at one point McCrorie would be a future Rangers captain. Then his career totally nosedived. I think there just a toxic atmosphere there that infects some players, and there is a real opportunity for clubs willing to liberate their psychological casualties. I'm predicting McCrorie is going to be a real hit for us.
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