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    This will be life for the next few years. Get used to it.
  2. Kennedy didn’t want that pen, obviously low on confidence. I still think he will prove useful.
  3. He’s the only one with enough quality about him to finish that chance. Imagine it fell to hornby, McLennan et al.
  4. Hoban is genuinely terrible. He was being lauded as a cut above as well. Hideous.
  5. The landlord is Warwick Davis
  6. Told a few home truths to the little wank of a landlord who was accusing our party of not adhering to social distancing rules.
  7. I’ll stick to the local (closest one with a beer garden). If they let me in after last time.
  8. Ayrshire is probably worse than Glasgow in the bigot stakes, or it is in my experience. Hun infested for the majority and you know it is. Don’t associate how people vote with what football team they support, it’s a real mark of being a moron.
  9. Crack a beer, it’s Saturday and the game is on soon.
  10. Seriously can’t be fucked with booking venues for a day out on the piss. Takes away the fun of it. Might just avoid until everything is open properly.
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