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  1. Gregor from Lefevre litigation. Good guy.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised. Even when factually zero new patients have been admitted to hospital because of Aberdeen cluster.
  3. He’s back as Howard marks
  4. I’m out of breath reading that you prick
  5. Precedent has been set now. May as well call the season. Congrats @Grays Babylon 1875
  6. She doesn’t even know her own insane rules. Completely lost any credibility.
  7. Buzz has been pretty reliable to date, hope he is correct again.
  8. Forgive me but is “second wave” not just media spun hyperbole? How do we know that what we experienced in March/April wasn’t the “second wave” based on the first cases in Europe being around December 2019.
  9. From a small town and turned it around
  10. There is absolutely no reason that this lockdown should continue and certainly no reason for the game to be called off. Clearly no rise in people being hospitalised, probably to do with the outbreak being primarily through younger people.
  11. Those rubbish Royal Navy/army advert on the telly where the guy speaking is always from the north east of England
  12. Heart attack at 25 is some going like
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