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  1. Oooooh no they went out for a drink and caught a contagious virus that will have no impact on them. Fucking get off your high horse you fucking losers. Could happen to anyone. People that have got upset about this are shit in bed.
  2. That’s a good one. People saying global issues like famine and war are things they hate most in the world. Just answer honestly and say your mother in law, Alfredo morelos and come dine with me
  3. 2 north face t shirts, north face shorts, under armour running top and a pair of Levi’s
  4. Fubar news comments are a laugh. Peter 60 from balmedie says he’s not satisfied with the apology. Not sure what people like that are expecting them to do, whatever statement they released would have received abuse and if they did nothing they’d be criticised.
  5. I’d be using it as an opportunity to sack mcgeouch and Bryson for gross misconduct. Useless cunts on big wages. Sell mckenna at the nearest opportunity for whatever we can get and let the rest linger in the reserves for a while. I really hope the youngsters grab this opportunity that’s coming their way and stake a claim for the shirt.
  6. Of course it is. Making an example out of the city.
  7. How do you know he is? As far as I’m aware the identity of those in question haven’t been revealed
  8. Regardless of how this has happened, it’s surely going to happen again in the future. I wonder how we are going to finish the season if this is the response every time something like this happens.
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