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  1. Mini is either the greatest fisher man or the thickest cunt on the forum.
  2. Are those the high powered fast charging ones?
  3. Few lads on the cans last night. Mini definitely losing control now. Calling people nonces is as embarrassing as it gets.
  4. Out in auld reekie to wear masks and sit in silence in the pub
  5. More like 15 and a half stone now. Mostly muscle innit? She’ll see me
  6. Everyone in my generation certainly went through their skater phase. Was a right of passage wearing the big bolt London baggy jeans with the chain accompanied with the Korn or blink 182 hoody.
  7. Nonsense. That’s completely illogical. The last thing anybody wants is a national lockdown and I just can’t see it happening. Not only because of the obvious reasons but this time I predict there would be huge civil unrest. It simply wouldn’t be tolerated by a lot of people. They also wouldn’t be able to justify their actions if the current trend of increasing cases but very low deaths/admissions continues.
  8. Why would “they be itching for a second lockdown”? That comment doesnt make any sense to me. Who can possibly gain from it?
  9. What was the one that was beside Fopp on Netherkirkgate.
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