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  1. Anybody attempting to hoard items should be escorted from the checkout by security, taken round the back and shot. They are the worst people, thick as pig shit and offer nothing to society.
  2. I’ll give you two guesses
  3. I make a shit load out of computers
  4. James young was the fancy ones with the en suites. Brikbeck was 6 disgusting plooky youngsters to one bathroom.
  5. Birkbeck halls on the Strathclyde campus. Doesn’t get much worse than that in terms of accommodation but what a time
  6. I’d be expecting multiple bags but otherwise good
  7. I keep getting asked what I want for my birthday. It’s a significant milestone one but I can’t honestly think of anything to suggest. Trying hard to think of something you want actually never turns out to be something you actually need.
  8. Whitty and Valance sounds like a terrible country western duo
  9. https://unherd.com/thepost/whitty-vallance-are-playing-a-dangerous-game/ Another piece suggesting the 50k number is absolute bollocks
  10. Boris threatening full on lock down if new restrictions aren’t adhered to. So when the absolutely shambolic rules put in place inevitably don’t work he can just turn round and blame the public for his own governments fuck ups. That’s what you get. Smooth manoeuvre.
  11. Jesus fuck. Trying to justify appeasing the weegies. What a rat bastard. Wasn’t that when they imposed restrictions in Aberdeen. How anyone up here can justify supporting those muppets anymore is beyond me
  12. Never played it. Absolutely shit at pool so assume I’d be worse at snooker. Table is fuckinn massive.
  13. Coming at it from a different angle
  14. Still banned from kickback?
  15. Well I didn’t actually say I cared about old people. Why should I care about people I’ve never met?
  16. It’s the simpletons argument to suggest that because people are against restrictions that they feel that some foosty old fucks are collateral damage
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