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  1. how am I speaking shite. All I asked who you would want in a no10 position and what would his job be. Who gets dropped to accomodate
  2. if you can't answer the question don't comment. It shows that you are plainly argumentative and know nothing. If you have something constructive to say then I am all ears but until then I'll treat your comments with the disregard they deserve
  3. explain yourself Einstein or are you just another tube that likes the sound of their own voice figuratively
  4. at mitten are not a threat to Celtic but the post was correct why would the time or the filth take a player from another rival just to sell him on. Either they are terrible judges of players or they have an agenda. That means if they get the player then the rest of us who are a danger to them cannot
  5. I'm not being argumentative but name who you would like and who's place he would take
  6. sure name one that you would like here
  7. totally agree with the mckenna thoughts but I may disagree with the Cosgrove valuation. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not sure about Sam
  8. I'm not being rude but you've got to be deluded if you think mckenna is worth £5m big Sam is nowhere near a £3m player. I realize that you are a commited and loyal supporter but the heart should not rule the head. Stand free
  9. really good to hear a positive post here
  10. my question was what do you expect from a no10
  11. a Christie, Madison type would be a bonus so I can't see your objection
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