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  1. There's a story on the EE today but I can't see it, can some one copy and paste it in here from the EE site?
  2. What sort of lunatic would pay £20 to watch Livingston play Aberdeen?
  3. Ten in a row is the most nonciest of saddest non-achievements in the history of sport.
  4. It's quite rare that a player stands out as much as Ojo for being so utterly useless at every aspect of the game. Truly awful.
  5. Main priority for this match - Get Funso Ojo to fuck.
  6. Yes not ideal at all, and will mean hundreds of thousands who would have watched it now won't.
  7. Very positive going forward, but Taylor brutally exposed again, an awful player.
  8. Edmondson not much of a miss as Cosgrove will start, want Watkins back though.
  9. Don't think either are a good enough, both end product lacking.
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