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  1. I saw that, very disturbing to say the least. One is a midfielder and the other one is out of contract in three months and can sign for anyone now. If we don't replace him with a competent centre-back our season could descend into farce.
  2. Yes, hopefully this month, he is truly awful.
  3. We probably aren't going to get any concrete information until next Mon or Tues.
  4. It would be great to win again, with a clean sheet, and score more than one goal. 2-0 the Dons Hayes & McGinn
  5. Watkins is not a striker, play him on the wing.
  6. Be good if BBC Scotland could provide some information on what will happen.
  7. Couple of things: Considine should not play this game, they will target him and he'll get torn apart. Play a striker that can hold up the ball and get us up the pitch (Main) as we won't have much possession most likely
  8. Away to watch the Red Imps do the Huns as a warm up act.
  9. Huge game tonight for us, time to start making games like Sporting Lisbon a yearly occurrence.
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