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  1. I'm thinking 2-0 or 2-1 Aberdeen. Hedges and Watkins.
  2. Annoyed with Kennedy. I get what he was trying to do but if he just played it simple, keeping himself between the net and the player, that ball would have never gotten through and livi wouldnt have scored. No clue what happened to Watkins during the match. And dunno about that tackle on Logan either. Happy with the win. Seems like we're getting back into it. I'm hoping come the next 2 matches we'll be fitter and more confident playing on the pitch. Here's hoping! COYR!
  3. Hedges with a beautiful assist and Wright making up for earlier
  4. Imma blame ojo if the second half goes down hill
  5. They're on better form then they were against St Johnston. Which isn't saying much. At least the ball is on the pitch more than not. Happy with McCrorie, Watkins seems good. Always love seeing Hedges on the pitch
  6. We just barely pulled through at the end. We need to get better if we want to even have a chance of making it somewhere near top. St Johnston was on terrible form as well and we still struggled. Next game is going to be tough. But for now lets just soak up this win !
  7. I thought it was gonna be st Johnston scoring at the 82' but Hedges gets it in !! Get it up ya!!
  8. I'm glad to see ojo off. They could of replaced him with a sheep for all I care. It probably play better than him.
  9. I'm really getting sick and tired of them just lumping the ball up the pitch
  10. Unbelievable. I'm not impressed with ojo, I dont know what's happened but hes just gone down hill quick. Might as well be playing with a man less. I'm just glad Hayes is in and getting stuck in. Hes making up for some dreadful plays from the other players. Making some good saves. No real opinion on McCrorie yet. He seems pretty smart on the ball.
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