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  1. Because you should probably go and challenge the defender for the ball but you can run in behind and “gamble” he misses it and are clean through.
  2. To be fair on this one I think they mean he’s gambled on the defender missing the ball or having some sort of fuck up when the defender should be heading it away.
  3. Difference between supporting and watching though, I watch the EPL as I will the snooker etc But if they are wearing tops and singing songs that is wierd.
  4. I mind going to Holburn Hi FI for a set of speakers when I bought my first flat at 22. Asked the boy for a recommendation and he produced these things for a 1k. Fuck me, like I would have that sort of cash kicking about.
  5. Fridge

    In The News

    Yeah and grunt at every bench press, fuck off without cleaning the machine and then do skipping. For the love of fuck min I’m here to go on the treadmill and keep the beer gut down, nae training for Britain’s next model.
  6. Fridge


    No just that, even Drama. Get to fuck.
  7. I never saw it will need to see it again. Funny how everyone else In the whole stadium saw it was a blatant red for assault but by sheer misfortune you happened to be looking away at the time.
  8. Maybe just fucking give someone a chance even I suppose, it’s not like we’re needing Harry Redknapp to save us from relegation. If they have made their cash they may be willing to learn their trade. Sure there are plenty of retiring Premiership players willing to learn their trade. Look at Gerrard ,like he isn’t using it as a stepping stone.
  9. Fair point just wondered if he held his hands up or just give some utter bullshit.
  10. He would tackle his Granny or run through a brick wall. Normally referencing GMS.
  11. It’s catch 22 though, you want someone who doesn’t give a fuck about the Old Firm and with fresh ideas but at the same time you want stability to develop the youth teams and here for the long term. Maybe an older head and keep Sheerin and Robson on. Keane would be a hoot to be fair! Ronnie Pickering?
  12. Do not do this. NHS have enough on their plate without you taking an overdose.
  13. I’d he’d hit the target that would have been in. Aye no shit min. If the referee sees that it’s a pen. Again no shit min (unless it’s against the Huns and he has his eyes shut.)
  14. Has he done his post match interview? What did he say?
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