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  1. Fridge

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    Or the fat controller. He was definitely on the watch list.
  2. Fridge

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    Nae good. Fucking Shame.
  3. Fridge


    He could probably knock up a decent Ikea backie bar though
  4. Fridge

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    Please elaborate as I have nae idea what you are on about
  5. Please clarify what in the world of fuck you are on about?
  6. It is amazing the “hello”. When I was working in Spain there would be a group round hug and kisses etc hence probably why they have Corona worse than everyone else. Here it is, fit the fuck you doing here you cunt. A great welcome.
  7. Fridge

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    Suppose if there is some kids body photo maybe Nae idea assume there is a reason
  8. Fridge

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    I did think about posting this but it does need to be worked out if it was within the boundaries!!!
  9. Fridge

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    3 folk Dead, 1 missing
  10. Fridge

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    I once had an ice cream in Stonehaven. Makes you think.
  11. Fridge

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    Aye nae good. Fuck being Sturgeon just now, was probably away to announce a further lockdown and she can’t exactly drop that in when folk are shitting their pants that it’s nobody they know on the train - or indeed anyone. Hope everyone on here and family is alright. Horrible times.
  12. Fridge

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    Train crash at Stonehaven
  13. Who knows, but he gave as good as he got, everything is fair game here as we all know. Find it strange that he completely disappeared. Just curious what caused him to leave. Although his betting tips are not missed.
  14. There was never a fallout or anything was there Bebo? Or did something happened that I missed. He just seemed to pull a Houdini.
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