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  1. For the love of fuck we’re nae in John Lewis. It’s nae difficult to buy a TV that is a good size and not involve you having to take out your whole wall to accomadate it. Henry is definetly going for a projector in his backie.
  2. Pineapple fritters have sent me over the edge
  3. Correct. She’s getting binned.
  4. No I bought a chinky
  5. Well I nailed her so probably nae
  6. This Misers. I could not give a fuck what anyone thinks about me
  7. How so Hoover? We were discussing meals
  8. I just nailed half of my birds chicken Maryland into a bowl with chicken satay. I doubt this is making any recipes soon but did the job!
  9. Don’t think anyone is saying he was Willie Miller, but he did a job
  10. Maybe but Cadger was a great servant to the club ( local loun - see Considine) through times when we were fucking shite. Never made it down south due to injuries but he is the last captain to lift a trophy for us. Time will tell on McKenna.
  11. Think Jess is back to full health now and would have the fans behind him. Whether or not he has fucking any skill of managing players and tactics would remain to be seen.
  12. Nae getting you here MT, are you saying Anderson was pish?
  13. They are busy Monday - Wednesday because they have some meal deal on and getting footfall in. I have told him umpteen times to just continue it through the whole week so I think they are extending it to a Thursday. Fuck me even if you make a loss on a plate of stovies you are making it back on some lassies buying a bottle of wine.
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