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  1. I’m all seriousness though what would happen if he did get a career ender. Would Huns still have to sign him?
  2. Think it’s the most in Europe or some pish. They are quick to mention the tainted 10 on a row but seem happy to accept a tainted 55 titles. Irony is lost on them.
  3. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/ryan-jack-welcomes-scott-wright-to-rangers.150067/page-3 @Poodler
  4. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18518343.rangers-awarded-penalties-scottish-premiership-according-new-study/
  5. Pricks! Revenge was served though. By a stern letter from my Mum.
  6. Fridge


    That happened to me in Amadeus
  7. Failing to see you point here, he got chucked before anything happened. Are you saying folk should have knifed him to death? Do you not reckon if Wright or Jack are seen out in town on Saturday night there is a reasonable chance someone will smack them.?
  8. He ggot chucked out of Soul Bar for his own safety and burst into tears. And he’s lucky that place of full of gaylords.
  9. Fucking right he has, can barely show his face up here. Thing is if he just came out with a statement and said he appreciates how the fans feel but it is life changing money for my family and I appreciate all the club has done for me, folk would still be raging but might cut him a bit of slack. Now he’ll be lucky to set foot in an Aberdeen bar again without hassle.
  10. Would that not fuck us though? Nae sure how it works but would it not be a pre contract subject to medical and if he got a Durrant we would be stuck with a player who clearly wants to play for the Huns?
  11. Yeah I know after a 3-0 Horsing at Villa if I recall. Just goes to show (Leicester top just now) if you believe and nurture talent it can be done.
  12. For the love of fuck do you just set yourself up on purpose!
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