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  1. Fridge

    George Floyd

    Dogging. Fuck knows, I dare say some folk check social Media to see what they are into and then you could build a rapport with them as a good impression. Dangerous game if you claim you are into fly fishing and he hits with you with loads of technical shit though.
  2. Fridge

    George Floyd

    Fuck sake Rocket what were you interviewing for, 4 page interview application? No way did you or HR read through all of them fully unless you are the boy from the Apprentice who spends half the interview tearing someone to shreds as they have slightly embelished something they did 10 years ago. The hobby one is always a classic, since when did that make any difference to anyone getting a job unless they said they were a rabid Hun.
  3. Fridge

    George Floyd

    You are setting yourself up here Hanzoid!
  4. Fridge

    George Floyd

    Village Seagull I reckon
  5. That’s how I’m imagine Parko’s bar to look like should be ever get the fucking thing built. Big tv for Sky and a window onto his garden.
  6. Fridge


    Yeah 42. Capricorn. No time wasters.
  7. Fridge


    Only thing I’m scared of is opening the Crypto thread. Believe it or not my first ever Hun game was the Durrant one and I was at the time..... 9.
  8. Fridge


    What was actually the punishment for the ludicrous ones, surely no bar actually got fined for having volume on their tv.
  9. Nae sure if you are taking the piss here but it was when a certain Hun dived. Cooper scored for them, Bett scored a pen and the the looping header. The winner is somewhat overshadowed by the dive.
  10. Fridge

    The Hat Medical Centre

    Spuzzy hoop. Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as spastic colon, is a disorder that leads to abdominal pain and cramping along with changes in bowel movements. IBS is sometimes confused with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), which includes the autoimmune conditions of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
  11. Fridge

    In The News

    He’s an Aberdeen fan also.
  12. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    No, clues are wrong, my kids are still in primary school. But I’m nae 38. And your nae getting my PIN number or Mum’s maiden name either.
  13. Are you related to Drew Jarvie? He used to love scudding a ball off a pensioner in the Merkland during the keeper warm up. Mind some old Codger got one clean off the dish and had to get stretchered out. One of this feel sorry for him moments but also trying not to piss yourself laughing.
  14. I don’t understand kilos, have not a clue what my weight is in kilo’s. And I don’t look like Rick Waller before anyone starts.
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