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  1. If you are just talking lager, my personal opinion stick to bottles, not pints. super Bock for best flavour. Sagres most refreshing in the heat. Cristal if you need to drink a large quantity, it’s not as fizzy as the other two. life is full of difficult choices.
  2. No idea who hanz is, but all too aware of your strange views.
  3. Well, that’s a bummer, but agree with kelvin. I watched the match in a bar with no commentary, and plenty locals. The consensus was that Sporting were lucky, and if it hadn’t been for the early goal, it was probably Aberdeen’s game. anyway, no glory, but far from a disgrace. I will eventually stagger home with my chest still puffed out (though perhaps my shoulders won’t meet MT standards)
  4. yes, but the site is having trouble, from here anyway: Nuxt.js Internal Server Error
  5. May be the safest, but not so much fun..... Got 14/1 on Betfair for Aberdeen win & BTTS. 🤞
  6. Yes, thats a crazy day! - wouldn't fancy driving one of the floats though... much better to be on the receiving end of the free beer being dished out!
  7. Bar owner is a Sportinguista, but has given me a corner of the bar for tomorrow & his good humour all week. Whether I will ever be welcomed back there is highly dependent on how the match goes 🤣
  8. Stayed in Coimbra and Lisbon before,, but now down in the Algarve - though thankfully a part of it that is not ruined by luxury villas & golf parties (well, not as much as everywhere else). Alvor, which, if anyone is able to take a holiday any time soon. I would recommend as the best place to visit for a break in the Algarve (having lived in various parts of the Algarve). I'll even stand a free pint on me for any of you that come visit... Won't break the bank, its €0.90 a pint here. Just as well, as I intend to buy the whole bar a round when we win tomorrow. And GreenLisbon25, I'll buy you at least 2 pints if you ever come here, as thanks for your insight & general goodwill to all reds.
  9. Match day! Have to admit, I haven’t felt as excited about a match since the first one against the Newco / Sevco, and let’s not forget how that turned out. Two weeks of rotating through my wardrobe of Dons tops while out & about here in PT, and have not had one person who seems confident that Sporting will win easily. Regardless of how much trouble Sporting have gone through with COVID, this is a match that will make headlines in Europe if we can take their scalp. Our team has a chance to make everyone sit up & take notice. For the love of fuck, let's press, niggle, bully, play our hearts out & and believe in ourselves going forward. We can do this…. COYR!
  10. It's being shown on Sport TV1 here in Portugal, so if the club can't sort out PPV, there should be streams.
  11. From one of the SCP forums: 'it does not excuse being eliminated by some Scottish scrap dealers.' Do they think they are playing DUFC? 😂 The level of expectation they are under may help us. And if we do lose, I hope the squad grab any copper & lead from the changing room before they depart (as long as they are not flying over on Ryanair & having to pay for excess kilos) Anyone know what the squads flight plan is?
  12. Watkins has looked good, but I think we will need to try and run into space & possible lack of organisation in their defence. Same team for me, but I would have Wright in there instead of Watkins. Wright will get a little more space, and won't be knocked off his stride as much as he is in the SPL against Portuguese opposition. If we need to chase the game, swap Wright for Watkins for a bit more brute force.
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