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  1. I am annoyed with myself that i let you manage to wind me up like that. Let's just call it a day and move on.
  2. You need to fuckin lighten up and i dont give a shit if you like me or not
  3. They should have a roll over like the lottery. The next person who does something decent gets two bottles of fizz!!
  4. That's funny, you managed to make me laugh on an otherwise shite afternoon!! "lose him in the Forrest"😂
  5. Don't judge a book by the cover, i'm still a north east loon at heart trying not to become a southern softie!! Hope we can get another centre back by Thursday or with a bit of luck the game is cancelled.
  6. F---ing typical here was me foolishly getting over excited and was in the middle of writing a long post about how we haven't for many years had as good a chance of upsetting the league odds as we do this year !!! Forest better sign McKenna or i'm tempted to jump on the train come up and batter him. Same disruptive shit as last year
  7. Hope he does get some goals. Chance to resurrect the "Don't you want me baby" song. Yes I know it's a crap reason but you gotta admit it is a catchy tune!
  8. Harper then Strachan. Guilty pleasure - Watching Rougvie physically abuse the old firm whenever we played them (Will always be my hero for just doing that)
  9. 31st May 78 a certain manager wasn't good enough for St Mirrin. Didn't work out too badly! Admittedly he wasn't 70 but there's plenty of life in the old dog yet and he certainly doesn't have dimentia. Also I wouldn't use Hearts judge of managers as anything place any credence on. We will just have to disagree
  10. I agree with DelMonte. Neil Warnock is my preferred choice too. Ever since I read the interview in which he stated that he would love the chance to manage a team North of the border and try and challenge Rangers and Celtic. He said he has always been used to being an underdog and would like to try and emulate what Aberdeen did in the past. I think he would be good for us with that sort of positivity and have a go attitude. The players have been used to hearing so much were second/third best negative bollocks coming from our current managers mouth that hearing that they are good enough to have a go from a very experienced manager can only be positive (i.m.o). He has managed to get eight sides promoted over the years and often on limited resources so he must be a pretty good motivator / man manager. I know he's getting on age wise but I think we really need an experienced, done it, seen it, manager to say a big f__k you to the supposed natural order! and skelp and arse cheeks on a regular basis!! Then I could die a happy man
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