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  1. I think it's going to be 1-1 with Shankland scoring for them and Kamberi breaking his duck for us . Should be an closely contested entertaining match with both teams up for it. So therefore it's bound to be a 0-0 shitfest.
  2. Waiting for the new manager to be chosen is a bit like grabbing a couple of scratchcards with your groceries but not scratching them till you get home. While they stay in your jacket pocket there's a bit of excitement knowing you might get something decent. Then you get home and scratch them and it's the same old shit , fuck all or a couple of quid. Hope we get lucky this time and bring a bit of excitement back to the club we all love. If nothing else just for the state of our mental health (It's all the rage these days, emotions and ah that shite!! )
  3. Well I 100% know in advance that I can't listen to it on Shortbread as my Mrs will want me sectioned before we get to halftime as she can't handle anymore me mumbling "Fuck off Liam Mcleod, why don't you just suck their dicks if you love them so much you prick" and "Yes I know their the champions you've told me ten times in the first 30 minutes you arse hole!!!" (+ 6 times before kickoff) At the very most just the live text on BBC football cos if it's hesgoals the laptop will be in the wheelie bin by 40 minutes after we gone 4-0 down and I'd just cleared the 25th pop up.
  4. It was exactly the same for me. We were lucky enough to get tickets to all the home games up to the final but then I wasn't allowed to go cos I was in the middle of my O grade exams. If we had beaten Porto dad had promised to take me to Switzerland for the final ( v Juventus). Did see us beat the huns at hampden 10 days later but I was still sulking . Dad's workmate got me a CWC final programme but I think he must have been pished because it was made for the Real fans and is completely in Spanish . Was going to show you the programme but not sure how to attach pic
  5. Because so much emphasis is put on Gothenburg I think a lot of the younger supporters are unaware that if we hadn't lost in the fog against Porto we were only a game away from doing back to back Cup Winners Cups. But we did win the European Super cup that season against Hamburg the odd thing being that the cup had actually been changed to a shield which made the celebrations a bit tame. The strangest thing was that we played in white shirts in the 2nd leg at Pittodrie and Hamburg were all in red remember it had me and my dad very puzzled. Think we came to the conclusion that the club wanted to flog some of the away kits.
  6. Even then in my early teens having seen a reasonable but not a massive amount of football I just knew he was destined for bigger things. It wasn't just his goal scoring he was really good at reading the game and splitting defences with his passes. Also his free kicks were superb. Definitely made a big impression on me and my mates and was gutted when he left. But than McGhee started banging in the goals so being the fickle youth were we soon forgot about Jesus
  7. He only cost us 20k from Clyde, great bit of business by McNeill. My mate nicknamed him Jesus cos of his long hair and trademark untucked shirt (especially the white away strip) and of course the minor miracles he could pull off with a football. He was 1st division top scorer in his first season at Spurs.
  8. It could be something really simple like our players aren't being pushed as hard in training as other teams so when they are forced to up the levels on match day to keep up with the other side they end up injuring themselves. Also half arsed tackling is more likely to cause an injury than fully committing yourself and our team are experts at half arsed tackles.
  9. The reason that the English press didn't give us a chance going in was because Ipswich were the Uefa Cup holders defending their trophy. We tore them a new one that night! I'm nae saying my dad's tight but I knew we must have done something special as it was large cod suppers with cans of coke on the drive home which was repeated the following season against Bayern, happy days.
  10. Too many to choose from but in terms of sheer excitement the 1982/83 quarter final second leg against Bayern. The roar when Hewitt put in the third would probably be heard if you were strapped to a satellite in low orbit. Even the sweetie paper rustlers in the main stand were singing along at the same time as the rest of the ground. Can't recall a better atmosphere than that night.
  11. What about as some have said , keep paying him until the end of the season (gardening leave) but let others (within the club) coach and control the team to try and secure the money that a Euro place would bring. It would also give time to find another manager as you say at the end of the season ?
  12. Having a fear of getting rid of a very average manager because the ones prior to him for approx 20 years were even worse is understandable but not a good enough reason not to act. All of that mediocrity had one thing in common and that is Stewart Milne. I am lucky to be old enough to have watched our team play under better quality managers including Fergie, Billy McNeill and Ally MacLeod who had a different thing in common and that was Dick Donald. I think as we now have a new chairman in control we should be brave and let him bring in his own man in and see what happens. He may be an unknown quantity at the moment but being a canny Aberdonian who has done "nae bad" for himself i'm pretty sure he hasn't come in just to fuck things up.
  13. Shortbread radio just saying that McInnes must be feeling the pressure if the reports are correct that it's a must win game for Aberdeen.
  14. The Daily Record is a law unto itself. I regularly google Aberdeen fc to see news about the club in the various papers and three times now in the last month I've seen while looking at dons stories in the Record three different headlines/stories ignoring that Rangers need to start again in terms of counting league titles. The first one said "going for their first title since 2011", next story said "closing in on 55th league title". The most recent one said that one of their supporters is attempting to hire the Red Arrows to celebrate 55 titles. How does the Record get away with printing this shite. I would have thought that the Celtic fans would have kicked off about it and boycotted the paper. I can only assume that more huns read it and they are shit scared to piss them off. I'm nae going to read anymore dons stories in that rag because it's only a matter of two paragraphs maximum before they've turned the story into something relating to the cheeks anyway so it's a waste of time. It's got to be the worst fuckin paper on the planet. I feel a bit better now I've vented. Fuck the huns and fuck the Record!
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