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  1. Good performance tonight but ultimately no cutting edge and out we go. Should have had a go earlier than we did but possibly we’d have got picked off but they McInnes for you.
  2. Yeah, probably not. Had he even made the bench that season, prior to the Motherwell league game? You just wonder how many young players have slipped through our net, due to the lack of trust shown in them by the manager and therefore the lack of 1st games. Danny Harvie, the lad Robertson now playing in England, to name 2.
  3. Aye good luck Scotty loon. Met the lad in corporate, at an AFC kids Christmas party and also in Tesco Westhill, and was never anything other than a jolly decent chap, so all the best, min.
  4. Looking more like McCrorie and Hoban were signed in the knowledge that McKenna would be away sooner rather than later. So I doubt we’ll see anybody coming in, with Devlin due back soon. You never know, maybe Hoban can stabilise Devlin in the same way he did to McKenna. What was the block hole we had to fill, £4m? But that was expectant on fans being allowed back in stadiums in the new year, which is looking a forlorn hope. Maybe Sam will be on his way soon as well, or maybe January
  5. I’ve not gotten TOO carried away so far this season. You could argue both Hibs and Killie could have forced draws v us this season, so today’s result, although not the performance, is not a huge surprise. We’ve made strides from last seasons shiteness but still a long away from being consistently decent.
  6. Aye, McInnes has had a few of these horrific displays over the years, just need to put this one in the shitbox along with the others and move on. Motherwell were always going to be a tough nut to crack, as they’ve proved historically. Far better team than their results have showed so far this season. Just one of them fucking days.
  7. This could get embarrassing. Shambolic defending
  8. The player wants away, he pissed the fans off in the process, we need the money, jobs a good ‘un. McInnes has just confirmed a bid has been made, the respective chairmen are talking, more will be said after the game. Done really well with Hoban this season so in regards to today’s game, with Hoban also out, not great timing especially when it means McCrorie shuffling back, but we move on. Wonder if we will be taking in a replacement, with Devlin due back soon?
  9. Rory Fallon? Didn’t he join them for a few months?
  10. Yeah he’s done, and ironically, by one of his new teammates. That’s what really put the tin lid on his career. ive no doubt he’ll raise his game in the 2 remaining matches v us but long term? For the best he left and he can see his playing days out away from the pressures of playing for the famous. dont wish any ill will on the guy at all, wish him all the best.
  11. Think a few (Hoban, Watkins and McCrorie) might need a wee break ahead of the Portugese trip next week. Lewis Taylor McKenna Considine McGinn Ferguson McGeough Hayes Hedges Main Wright
  12. I wonder if he was still carrying an injury from the Killie game, but such is his enthusiasm, and with the managers’ clear appreciation of him, no way was he getting left out. Might miss out on Sunday however
  13. Clearly you’re not the full shilling. Sitting there in a tea shack in Khazackstan, writing on an AFC fans forum. I suppose separation from your family does weird things to a man. That and being from the NE and supporting Sevco.
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