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  1. Maybe McInnes could use his newly formed contacts in Norway to pick up a striker from that neck of the woods? Just cos Ronnie never worked out doesn’t mean we should shut down our Scandi operation.
  2. Pittman was the one McInnes was after a few years back, we had a cash bid for him knocked back if I recall correctly
  3. You’re right. On the BBC, he shouldn’t be using tabloid style interviewing techniques,
  4. Jack Ross losing his shit with Kenny McIntyre on the BBC The latter is a Hun cunt, to be fair. Didnt Ross get the dunt fae Hearts for “inappropriate behaviour” with some office lassie?
  5. Aye, two of our more comfortable victories this season were v Hibs, cruised them both. Both Hibs and Jack Ross are massively over rated. Maybe they will both finally get visibility tonight of how shit they really are. We are shit but nowhere near as shit as Hibs.
  6. I’d have given it to Ash, the Sash bash. Strolled it. Totally snuffed out T.Watt On Motherwell, Campbell was no better than what we have, nor were Gallagher or O’Donnell
  7. Tell me, was Cosgrove this lackadaisical in the past 2 seasons, when scoring a barrowload of goals? I can’t remember. Needs to be closing down their defenders, and keeper
  8. He has been decent but scares the shit outta me at times with his passing
  9. Right then boys, we’re due to give Motherwell a defeat, so let’s do it today. A good performance as well would do just nicely.
  10. Douglie Donnelly commentating today, what’s ‘appended to Rob the Knob?
  11. I genuinely don't know why the old AECC site wasn't considered more by the club. I walk across it fairly regularly to walk along Royal Aberdeen and now that the concert hall has been flattened you get an appreciation of just how large an area it is. Loads of room for a stadium and still plenty car/bus parking, easy access for fans driving from outwith the city/away fans via AWPR, decent existing public transport with 1/2 bus services from city centre every 5 minutes. Couple of pubs in close proximity in the Brig Inn and Black Dog plus opportunity to build something on site. Would've been a no brainer but that ship has sailed I'd think. I know it's been earmarked for around 500 houses but with the development on the other side of the parkway and the fact that Bridge of Don is already fucking enormous, is there really need for another development of that size.
  12. You never heard of the AWPR? If not, it doesn’t go near the city centre, unfortunately. For those getting all excited, stand down.
  13. This is all political posturing, nothing else. Don't forget, we were well down the road of building the new stadium, with a shared training centre with Cove Huns, at the site where Lochside Academy now resides. Barr Construction were appointed, a start date agreed, then Cllr Willie Young pulled the plug as he wanted the new south of Aberdeen school to be built there instead, to replace Kincorth and Torry Academies. So with Council elections coming up, any agreement to build the new stadium at this new site (which would be a monumental traffic nightmare) could get pulled by the new ruling party. A load of Council shite. Bunch of cunts, the lot of them.
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