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  1. Saw that on Twitter. Richard Gordon never mentioned anything just now when discussing the Leeds Utd loanee and he’d know, you’d have thought.
  2. Is it Anderson and Devlin who tested positive?
  3. They can fuck right off with that statement, obviously written by Gordon Buchan the solicitor in conjunction with the club board.
  4. Willie Miller, lover of Soul Bar, not holding back So we know the 1st 4. Who are they other 4? ill go for Hayes, Devlin, McGinn and Ojo
  5. How so, if "technically they didn't actually do anything wrong?"
  6. 2 weeks wages for option 1 and a week for option 2, then? Hopefully the full Monty wages and not the reduced one?
  7. I agree about the booze culture in Scottish fitba, it’s a cancer in our game and yet some deluded tools still think “aye, but think of the bonding that goes on”. and people wonder why our game never develops, both locally and internationally? 😂😂 Mark McGhee was a cunt and a shite manager, yet he identified the booze culture in the club and tried to get rid of it. Backfired spectacularly.
  8. I disagree, they are like chalk and cheese. If it hadn’t been for Cormack, his park would never have opened and we’d also be £10m in hock, not £3.8m will be interesting to see what happens now however. I think the max amount you can fine a player for a transgression is 2 weeks wages but fuck that. Sack them
  9. So zero chance of St Johnstone being awarded the points and a 3-0 win, then? What about the next two games, did she mention them?
  10. Nae often that I agree with the wee nyaff but she's spot on.
  11. Isn’t Virtonen injured as well, or only JUST back?
  12. Out on the piss, after such a shambolic performance versus Sevco? That's a sacking offence right away, irrespective of the Covid implications. Any truth in the rumour that Joey and Craigy Brown were also on the lash in Soul, along with some other old farts? At their age, knowing what the implications for that agegroup are?
  13. And what doesn't help is the fact that we are totally Raphael Sheidt. With the news of lockdown being reimposed in Aberdeen, just write this season off. Hopefully by that time, we'll have a new manager
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