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  1. Surely we can just get greg leigh back in once mckenna transfer is confirmed? Leigh can play left back and would be fine in a back 3 too.
  2. Billy Dodds saying its been a spirited 2nd half... spirited not testing the goalie once and not conceding a 4th goal? Brilliant.
  3. What is he waiting for the 4th fucking goal
  4. What the fuck is going on. Looks like Taylor and Ojo were at soul last night
  5. Courier reporting medical today and will be in squad tomorrow. Still to be confirmed from the clubs. I would imagine his basic salary would be low with a higher appearance fee.
  6. Or maybe play the right back we've spunked 800k on when he goes...?
  7. Gallagher started for Atlanta last night. They must be shite.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-54039903 Shame the cunt wasn't locked inside
  9. I work with a Hearts fan who is "in the know" Apparently they have agreed a 2m loan fee for Hickey with Bologna with an obligation to buy for 30k next summer. So Celtic only get 30% of the 30k. Fucking brilliant if true.
  10. Aye Premier sports has the OF rights. So we should be 530 slot on Saturday.... whilst Edinburgh Derby on BBC
  11. On the bbc fixture list it has us down for 3pm on the Saturday, 31st. Assume ko time will be 1215 as per usual though when we know who's broadcasting it.
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