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  1. Great team for 2 years in his career? We have been pretty shite the last 2 seasons, no better than moults motherwell team when he played.
  2. Did we not do that in the Scottish cup final and still lose....?
  3. Aye they were pish. The fans wanted him sacked at the end of last season he won't last much longer
  4. Aye if he's back it will be to his belovid sellick. Cunt.
  5. "Change their ways" they were literally jumping to win a fucking header? Would you rather they just didn't bother like?!
  6. So infuriating they were there for the taking. Ref was clearly from a league that has fanny players that want fouls for every bit of contact. Lisbon players absolute poofters throughout. The only benefit of getting knocked out is we can't back to proper tackles and winning headers without them being given as a fucking foul.
  7. Nobody asked a jambo cunt to be on an aberdeen forum. Tink
  8. How? If they missed out on the play offs on goal difference after being comfortably in them, if they improve their squad surely they can now make the play offs? Not like they will be going up automatically when Watford/Norwich/Bournemouth came down & Brentford are still in the league.
  9. They were comfortably in the play offs and chucked it last 4 games and slipped out by a point. I wouldn't say they are promotion contenders. Play offs if they are lucky.
  10. Robertson played plenty at left back for us and was generally shite. He's made more of a name for himself down South playing CB now.
  11. Aye the current buns are discussing him on their forum too. He wouldn't play every week at the OF though.
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