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  1. Aye McKenna, Ferguson, Cosgrove have been dropped regularly....
  2. "zero accountability for signings" , "install a DoF" This sounds like Hearts all over. FUCK THAT.
  3. Everytime there's a new comment on this topic I'm disappointed he hasn't left yet
  4. Be amazed if it was him. Burnley, Swansea & Norwich all want him.
  5. They have made a profit on him now too by selling him.
  6. How was it mismanaged when they offered like 3.5m? Can't be saying that when if he had gone for that to them at the time you would be going mental. Shit post.
  7. Exactly. No excuse for signing 7 sitting midfielders. Sort it out Derek.
  8. He saw when Maddison left to replace with Christie and then Stewart. It's as if Stewart failed so he can't be arsed wasting his money on trying any other natural attacking midfielder.
  9. Screaming out for a creative midfielder/ #10
  10. They can fuck off. Top 4 consistently in Europe or relegation dog fight.
  11. Exactly. Not going to be devastated if Kennedy chased the money.
  12. We shouldnt have to up our offer cause the bottom side are interested in him too. I'd say take it or leave it our original offer.
  13. Haven't they just paid to keep cadden who has been playing left back?
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