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  1. Aye but Hoban is too good for us and will easily walk away to the championship. Aye the scottish een.
  2. He kicks through the cunts legs. Ridiculous decision and it's just the haters talking pish saying it was a pen.
  3. What did he criticise? "Big Hornby", "wee Lewis" clearly trying to justify them as his signings.
  4. You moaned for months about mcinnes and the style of football, jokingly suggested India Taylor would do a better job than Mcinnes and got your wish with his sacking. Now you are on to the next manager with your pish before a ball has even been kicked under him? Wise up.
  5. Aye not objecting to that i just think 5k on Lewis to be sitting on the bench as a loanee has taken his place is an expensive sub for a team like us.
  6. I'd be amazed if Joe goes before his contract is up. He will be one of our highest earners, another team would need to take that on; We can't afford to pay another goalkeeper his wage IMO so will be stuck with him for the remainder of his contract.
  7. Why only a year? He is a back up keeper surely he can get 3 years to match Joe so we can worry about the "bigger fish" moving forward?
  8. Aye, typical weegie rag reporting shite about him not being interested when his interview states "he is a celtic player". I'd be very surprised if we aren't interested in Griffiths if he becomes available.
  9. We could at least play the council at their own game and say we will begin Kingsford plans if they don't cough up with the beach planning permission.
  10. Except that's not really helping the club out..
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