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  1. Didnt have time apparently, they were still discussing the Sporting Lisbon ‘should we have won it’ debate.
  2. Aye rings a bell. Hopefully Super Kev leaves one on him in training.
  3. Always the odd exception to the rule but generally guys who want to be doorman will usually be microdick bullies.
  4. I think theres always been succession planing the difference now is Cormack has loosened the purse strings a bit and allowed DM to bring in a better quality of player. Overly simplistic just to say ‘get decent players in’ Its like saying just score goals, or just win the league.
  5. He’s already got the media room
  6. Boardwalk Empire worth a watch then bm?
  7. ^fascinating critters Does he bang the octopus?
  8. Lol wouldve probably given it a bash at 13yo
  9. Just googled common projects. Souness should go bare foot next time, see if that catches on. Mongles.
  10. £140. Bizarre that every player on english tv has a pair on. (Or maybe it isnt)
  11. Motd2, Fletcher and Jenas got the same trainers on. Every player on tv wears them just now. Ive seen Linekar/Wright/Shearer wearing them on motd. Like a black leather stan smith with chunky flat white sole. What kind are they? I bet they cost £400. They all wear the exact same ones. Dull fucking morons. Where can i get a pair?
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