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  1. Ironic given the things you wear on yir feet. Tramp chic
  2. Simply Red

    Casual Racism

    Apparently she was walking with a gangster lean and it was thought that was what caught the officers attention
  3. I hate ACC as much as i hate huns. Clueless cunts
  4. Yip loved that aswell. Wishing i Was Lucky/Angel Eyes. Bloody superb.
  5. Fairly common for a bands debut to be their best. off the top of my head: Stone Roses/Pistols (only 1 album released)/Inspiral Carpets @styrofoamplates was livin on a prayer on appetite for destruction? If so i agree thats the best debut album ever.
  6. If we dont win this by 8 clear goals the manager should resign.
  7. @ericblack4boss who’s Cormack got lined up then chief? Poch or Pep? Halloween you reckon the new managers coming in aye?
  8. You never seen Quantum Leap? He did that shit every week.
  9. Super Bock’s my favourite drop over there. Good quality beer. @the_shrimp what do you drink over there?
  10. Who cares. He probably thinks we’re fucking arseholes. Good luck to him.
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