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  1. Looked solid at RB. Westhill loon.
  2. Best game ive seen for a while (arbroath v dundeh) honesty and bravery of the players flying into tackles and getting straight back up was a joy to see. Full blooded. I never thought id see that again in pro fitba tbh.
  3. Simply Red

    Lockdown Skills

    100% Kelto Good place to start. Bold and simple
  4. Favourite dons player? Favourite tune? Favourite sex criminal?
  5. Watched arbroath v dundeh last night. Ruth for Arbroath. Didnt do much. Skinny wee loon. Looked like he had a good attitude tho getting tore in and leaving a bit on. But hes a striker so we’ll see. Still time.
  6. Mike and Victor Salamanca fae Breaking Bad. Alf Stewart (and his brown shirt) fae Home & Away. Beaufort T Justice Smokey & the Bandit Probably the best actors ever to grace the box.
  7. It can fuck off whatever it is
  8. Me too. Xmas present from my ma when it came oot (wtf is this i remember thinking, few years before the film)great book (obvs)
  9. I mind reading it years ago and thinking it was one of his best. Laughing out loud reading it.
  10. Dundee Utd 2-1 St Mirren Ross County 2-1 Motherwell St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen Celtic 1-1 Hamilton Hibernian 1-3 sevco Livingston 1-0 Kilmarnock.
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