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  1. If more people had that hairdo, the world would be a better place.
  2. Posted a link to this story the other day. Well done all the staunch Tory Scottish fisherman who voted for brexit thinking they’d get some sort of miraculously brilliant deal cos they were naive enough to think the tories actually gave a fuck about them.
  3. The WC was decent. Grampian Bar had the worst clientele out all the Torry pubs imo. The dregs who’ve been barred from everywhere else. Used to go in early opening on a Sunday still up fae the night before. Was good for acquiring stuff (allegedly)
  4. The squad are pussys. No lack of ability in that squad, just mentally weak and therefore nearly fucking useless in a competitive game. DM should have them down the beach 5am today for 30miles on the dunes and in the sea till Tuesday. Im assuming we play Wednesday. Fucking wimps. Imagine getting pumped 4 in a highland fucking village as a Dons player. Fucking pussy cunts
  5. Evens itself out over a season Gid feet for a big man That was a professional foul
  6. David Bowie - up front and at the back. He’ll play anywhere.....and well. Brown eyed girl/blue eyed boy
  7. Black & grey. cool geetar hanzo. Looks new? Ive got the cherry red version. (Hopefully...should be in a hardcase somewhere. Havent laid eyes on it for years)
  8. Simply Red


    ^not going near that
  9. Simply Red


    Ha I was hoping for more abz rap comedy but the big athletic fella was surprisingly decent. He needs to lose all his cracka pals cos they iz making it shite. Cypress Hill vibez tho. Black boy could do well. Loved Nick Blackman.
  10. Simply Red


    Youporn. ‘Holding Back the Ears’ Youre welcome
  11. Simply Red


    Thats no punishment for Mrs Red. Thats foreplay
  12. Simply Red


    No you can still get it but its a lot less likely to kill you. (my wifes a nurse, thats what she got told when she got vaccinated) Sounds like bs tbh. I should probably smack her in the chops for giving me misinformation. Sorry lads.
  13. What a lineup. Kraftwerk/chic/martha aswell. Id normally be snapping that right up, wont be buying tickets for fuckall these days tho. Already got 2 twice postponed gigs to go to whenever they finally happen. Dont need anymore. Theres a good chance Lee Scratch Perry wont even be alive by the time his gig finally happens.
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