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  1. Simply Red


    Aye my favourite album that year whenever it came out. Never seen them live tho. Seen The Felice Brothers at the Lemon Tree a few years back, crackin.
  2. Goats cheese is fucking vile Goats cock cheese more like
  3. Nothing new there then. Brexit will only make that worse.
  4. Simply Red

    Casual Racism

    He was only “superficially diverse” These chip-on-the-shooder clowns are doing more harm to race relations than good.
  5. Sea Eagles are fucking enormous. 6ft+ wingspan. Seen one in the Trinity centre years ago. True story. Thought it was a robot. Wisni
  6. Simply Red

    In The News

    ^out the taxpayers pocket. no wonder right-minded folk want independence from that shower of cunts.
  7. Simply Red

    In The News

    Haddock supper fae sea salt+soul on Friday. (Dyce) 7/10 Still maintain Torry Chip Bar’s the best in toon. Havent been for a few years now but was always top notch.
  8. He didnt have a problem with the jewish community, they had a problem with him being pro-Palestinian. They assumed wrongly, by default, anyone who supports the Palestinians must therefore be anti-semitic. Thats not an unusual assumption to make but not always correct, as is the case with Jezzo. Was it not Tony Blair who admitted that the brits where largely to blame for the Troubles in Norn Irn. That didnt automatically make him anti-british or pro-IRA. Although the hun mongols wouldve had you believe he was, even as PM of their fucking country.
  9. I have never heard anyone refer to Livingston as “wee Livi” Killie is fair enough is it not, thats the commonly used abbreviated term for them. Like hibs/hearts etc. The most bizarre reason to hate 2 diddy teams ive ever heard.
  10. She needs a punch in the face for that tshirt and the facial expression combo. Id bang her repeatedly tho. Crackin bod.
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