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  1. I'm certinly not a linguist, albeit can be rather cunning, and I do see similarities, but they also sound so different (to me) Uno, Dos, Tres, Cautro, Cinco - Spanish Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq - French Uno, Due, Tre, Quattro, Cinque - Italian Interesting thought this morning, cheers min
  2. Is it, Never thought of French and Spanish being similar before. Spanish and Italian is quite similar I thought [Edit] Seems that : - Spanish / French as a Lexicology similarity of 75% Spanish / Italian as a Lexicology similarity of 82% Spanish / Portuguese as a Lexicology similarity of 90% [/Edit]
  3. Read the whole post min So no Taylor or McCrorie in defence. What would you do if Hoban got injured again playing too many games in short succession as he build up his knees resilience?
  4. I think Watkins has done well for us, however like many have posted on here so far, I think its time to put someone in who may be a more natural finisher. As good as Hoban is, we do need to manage his game time and ensure he does not relapse, which would be worse for us in the long term. Also, whilst 3-4-2-1 has been good for us, defensively we are stretched, meaning we may likely need to play an alternative formation. the 4-2-3-1 therefore seems favourable, otherwise it means McCrorie to go into the back three with Taylor and Considine. If I were to guess what DM will do, McCrorie will be in defence, so on that basis, here's how I would line up the team for Sunday ........................Lewis .......McCrorie Taylor Considine McLennan Ferguson McGeouch Hayes .........Wright........... Hedges ..................Edmunson
  5. It shouldn’t be that you have to pick a home player. As the title says, it’s man of the match. Alan Campbell, hands down. Should have awarded it to him. Its an embarrassment to be awarded MOTM when there was clearly a better player on the pitch
  6. Do us a favor. Dinna watch the game imorn. ☺️
  7. McGinn has been very very good for us, but lets face it, he's a bench player now. Does his best work now for us coming off the bench with 20-30 minutes to go.
  8. What are those rumoured figures? £3M up front with additions that could bring it up closer to £5M. Heafty sell on percentage on top. If that's true, in this market, in the financial position we are in, then that would be decent enough
  9. I think everyone understood the call at the time. McInnes apparently warned Steve Bruce against a last minute bid, yet it was still left till the last minute. Nobody predicted that Covid would happen let alone forsee the impact to clubs. Incidentally, it was 2 years ago that we received a bid from Villa
  10. Yep. Agreed. I doubt many 1st time posters start a thread, they normally would start by responding in an existing thread.
  11. There a lot of people wetting themselves because of this poor result. I have no doubt that McKenna being withdrawn the morning of the game had an impact, but we also had the worst luck / start which played right into Motherwells strategy. Goal no 1, technically was a pen, but was nowhere near being deliberate. I'm not even convinced that Watkins was deliberately making his body bigger, it was just his natural method of balance in that moment. This was quickly followed up by goal no 2, which to be fair was great pressing by Motherwell, but uncharacteristic for Lewis to fluff that straight to the boy Long. So were 2-0 down, having to chase the game and allows Motherwell to sit in, counter us, which they were good at. The third goal was directly contributed to McKenna being absent. He was tasked with picking up the boy Mugabi, which in turn fell upon McCrorie to do. He was out muscled (fouled actually) to give them the gloss on the result. It was as some have put it, a bad day at the office, lets see how we respond in the coming games
  12. It’s the same set up? just the options of who is playing in the formation has changed
  13. Not right back as I see it, RCB is where he’ll play Having to drop McKenna (to be sold) and Hoban (rested) meant we were short at CB
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