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  1. Scott Wright, the next in a long list of young talent with potential that go and waste their career at one of the cheeks.
  2. The mantra at grassroots is different though and even through to the first team to be honest. ‘They are not that worried about technique and ability, but prefer players with the physical attributes. If you have those and with the right attitude, they will work on improving the technical ability
  3. I do believe that his time here will have benefitted him to where he is now. ‘From the need to toughen up to being benched by us as a pointer he needed to do more. He will have went back to Carrow Road and reflected on that or one of the coaches would have pointed it out.
  4. Would it? Getting game time means he would pick up appearance and win bonuses to the detriment of someone else in the squad
  5. What would that achieve? we either play him and benefit as he has been influential in the main, or we let him rot in the reserves with little access to training facilities
  6. We wouldn’t be stuck beyond the end of his contract which I presume is the end of June
  7. Offence Accumulation of six cautionable offences in the same Competition (including cautions incurred under Part D below) Suspension 1 match dated suspension (For every further accumulation of six cautionable offences, the suspension applied will be extended by one match.) Application of suspension Effective from 14th day following date of match when sixth cautionable offence occurred and to be served in the same Competition.
  8. I may be wrong, but I had a wee look and my reading of it is like this:- A player serves a suspension 14 days following their 6th caution. A player serves an automatic next game suspension if two cautions were in the same game. Ferguson served that against Ross County. Ferguson’s 5th and 6th cautions was in the St Mirren game on the 5th Dec, so it’s been more than the 14 days.He’s since picked up a 7th caution of the season. It doesn’t look like there is a double jeopardy of accumulation and suspension from two cautionable of fences in the same game, so most likely he’s effectively sitting on 5, meaning one more and he’d be suspended again.
  9. Ok, so does that mean the two yellow cards in the St Mirren do not count towards accumulation. In total, Ferguson has had 7 yellow cards, 2 in the St Mirren game. If the St Mirren game suspension has been served, is he then only on 5 accumulation cards?
  10. Yeah, my point was that in the st Mirren game, it was two yellow cards (5th and 6th of the season) for Ferguson, so wasn’t sure how that affects the accumulation
  11. Yeah I get that, just pointing out that his 5th yellow card was the first of two cautions against st Mirren, so did he not cross the threshold back then?
  12. Not so sure about that. ‘His 6th booking was in the same game as Hedges, and his suspension has already been listed and served. His 5th booking then followed a second cautionable offense against St Mirren, so has he already served that suspension?
  13. The suggestions of Ferguson and Bergkamp are interesting shouts and would be worth sounding out. ‘I struggle to think they would be realistic though. would Ferguson leave Everton to come here? I doubt it. He’s assistant to Carlo Ancelotti so he’ll be seeing that as great experience and exposure. I think he’d also happily stay at Everton in whatever capacity. ‘Why would Bergkamp come to Aberdeen. If his son is at Almere and he “assists” there, for the love and good of his son, what would drive him to be Aberdeen’s next manager that he couldn’t fulfill in Holland? Interesting shouts and good to see some outside of the box thinking as opposed to the usual Jim Goodwin, Jack Toss, Darren Young type shouts
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