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  1. Pair of no-marks who nobody remembers or will remember. Bitter wankers................
  2. Sevco are as insignificant to me as the likes of ICT, Livingston etc. Time more of us started thinking that way about this plastic phoenix club with 8 and a bit years history.
  3. Sevco getting all excited because they have signed an AFC benchwarmer and injury crock. Lol.
  4. You let your club die as did all the other huns.
  5. Is that the best you got? You silly hun prick.
  6. Govan Sevco is not bettering yourself. Just a wee team from Govan.
  7. He should never play for the club again.
  8. A sacking result and it is time Cormack laid down a marker that results like that are not acceptable and will cost you your job.
  9. AFC should never ever be losing four goals to a team from Dingwall.
  10. Exactly! Get them fined and the 3pts awarded to AFC. The ghost of Meadowbank Thistle with a fecking plastic pitch.
  11. The guy is nothing special. If anything it will weaken Sevco.
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