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  1. Surely all 3 fall within the 14 day self-isolation timeline so they’ll have to postpone? Fucking fixture pile up already. And that’s assuming we don’t get more positive tests in the weeks ahead & the 14 day thing starts again.
  2. Why? I’d be focussing on the players if I were you
  3. We’ll be lucky if we don’t have to forfeit the game. St Johnstone would’ve been caught between playing our reserves & risking infection of their squad. Then again the decision would’ve been taken way over the heads of the clubs
  4. Because he’s a fat cunt who’s a liability & scored one goal in 2020. Funny as fuck if the filth don’t get their money for him. I hope he stays. He absolutely wants to leave, has let himself get fat & looks disinterested. Fuck the huns
  5. Why is it irrelevant? The reply is 100% relevant to the post I replied to. Clearly.
  6. Maybe as part of a 3, but not as a 2. I don’t know of any young centre halves that are capable in the development team. There are a few that get good write ups but none are centre halves.
  7. Aye, I don’t imagine this will be the only time & only club this happens to this season. Could be a bit of a clusterfuck.
  8. He could play Hoban against St J & Hamilton? Rest him for Celtic as Considine available. Cant imagine Hoban will be ready to play 3 games in 7 days? We need to be careful with him.
  9. They would. All the clubs signed up to an agreed protocol. I despise the Glasgow clubs as much as anyone, but I wouldn’t think this is the time to be paranoid. Take our medicine & get on with it. Oh aye, and be bottom of the league after 4 games due to rank stupidity of 8 players. We’re playing the next two games with 11 players unavailable & 9 I think it will be.. for a trip to Parkhead.
  10. Aye, with Hayes pushed into Connor Barrons position
  11. Logan at LB. Hayes in where Barron is. Or just bring in Jack MacKenzie at LB & moves Hayes to centre mid.
  12. McInnes won’t get sacked. Don't be fucking stupid all your life
  13. Really? McInnes is their manager, not their mother. No way he’ll walk
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