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  1. Fuck off you lower league hun bastard. No-one cares.
  2. Agree. i think Fletcher would do that & he seems to be reasonably clued up on Scottish football from what I see & hear when he’s a pundit. Currently doing his coaching badges if they’re worth anything
  3. This is maybe a bit leftfield but I’d like a young coach starting out, with no baggage, no Glasgow inferiority complex etc. How about someone like Darren Fletcher?
  4. Aye he’s been pish. He’s been anonymous, barely noticed him, get him to fuck.
  5. More chance Brian Clough will be their new manager
  6. The same Dean Campbell who has a broken metatarsal?
  7. SEVCO fans are permanently angry because Rangers died & they walked away and let it happen. Fuck the huns
  8. Forest just as likely to be relegated as promoted. 3 games played, 0 wins, 0 goals, manager likely to be sacked soon.
  9. All the negativity about McKenna. Why? A young player brought through the ranks & has made us multi millions, with maybe more to come.
  10. Still don’t think we’ll get a million quid for McKenna “mate”? 😆
  11. I’d go as far to say John Lennon has as much chance.
  12. Same “very likely” as “we’ll never get get £1m for McKenna”, you mean?
  13. Do you mean; 1) No way he’d be worse than McInnes or 2) No way, he’d be worse than McInnes
  14. After the next international break apparently for Kennedy (& possibly Cosgrove), so the Dundee Utd game on Oct 17th.
  15. Whichever manager loses the league between Celtic & SEVCO will definitely be gone. McInnes won’t be.
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