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  1. Don’t rate him. His level is about where he is. No goals from open play this season, and has seldom stood out in games I’ve seen. If County think they’re getting £1m, they’re dreaming. I’d be disappointed if we signed him, especially if we spent money to do so.
  2. The Old Firm ? You could get a job in the Scottish press writing that shite
  3. Following on from my earlier reply, he’s also injured for a few weeks with a broken metatarsal
  4. Because the chances are a good Scottish championship club would be where he’d be loaned to, & they’ve not started back. I expect a few will go out on loan before October 5th deadline
  5. IF true (big if) you’d have to think Ojo would be on the way out.
  6. Aye, Scott Burns in the Daylate Retard, & Robert Thomson in the Sun both running with it. The Sun alleging both the Dons & Hibs are willing to pay now to get him, the Daily Record suggesting a Bosman pre-contract.
  7. Do you have to wear a mask in a bar? I thought it was only when coming in & leaving, or going to the toilet? Table service & no mask needed I thought?
  8. Their response to the comparison with the supermarket will be that the supermarket is essential. I agree though, it’s time they released the brakes a bit for football. I get the banning of “house gatherings etc”, but having a limited number in a football ground outdoors is fine, surely to fuck?
  9. £200k will get them nowhere. Motherwell will get £200k “training compensation” at the end of his contract anyway. And if £500k is the figure to make them sell early, I’d seriously doubt we’d be paying that.
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