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  1. Deluded if you think we’ll pay off McInnes and his team with a massive sum, with our finances the way they are.
  2. File this post under fucking bullshit.... or attention seeking clown, take your pick.
  3. They won their Europa League group last year I think, a group containing Sporting Lisbon.
  4. The whole Hernandez thing stinks of McInnes having fuck all to do with the signing. One of the strangest signings we’ve made in recent years if the fee of £800k is true.
  5. Hernandez can’t be up to much if he can’t get in ahead of Logan. Like you say, he’s done. Been a good signing & a good servant, but needs replaced now.
  6. Expecting to get to the group stages of the Europa League whilst having the likes of Logan, Considine & Taylor in your starting X1. The definition of delusion.
  7. My instant thoughts are that we should lose to teams like Sporting away from home, given the massive disparity in finances & budgets etc. & shouldn’t be surprised at tonight’s result. ....BUT I also think tonight sums McInnes up in big games. He has a negative mindset & that’s never going to change. Out without testing their goalie & Lisbon weren’t even that good to be honest.
  8. Fucking SEVCO cruising at 2-0 up as well. All the hallmarks of a shite night all round.
  9. That was the day that Calderwood should’ve been punted. Losing 4 goals to a lower league team in a semi final should be a sackable offence
  10. Albion Rovers. At the Bastard Garden. John Beaton was referee (Co-incidentally he who drinks in a SEVCO supporters pub in Bellshill).
  11. If there are no fans in grounds until March (& even then unlikely to be normal) then we may well need to sell him.
  12. Kennedy, Main, Cosgrove, Devlin, Campbell all injured & not travelling.
  13. Good luck to Scott McKenna. The template of what we should be doing as a club. Bring through our own, get the benefit of them for 2-3 years & sell on for millions, with the potential of millions more. And to think there was one clueless poster who didn’t think we’d get a million quid.
  14. The alleged fee for Worrall is mental based on the donkey that played for SEVCO. It just shows what McKenna could potentially go for in 12-18 months if he does well.
  15. Aye that’s what I thought. The club were right to tell them to fuck off then, if there was no obligation. And the bid (despite Aberdeen publicly saying not to) was made the day of the transfer deadline and whilst we were in Croatia
  16. Maybe I’m wrong but was it not they wanted to loan him first with an option (not an obligation) to buy? I could be completely wrong but I seem to remember some club tried that?
  17. Still don’t think we’ll get £1m for McKenna, “mate”?
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