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  1. I thought we only managed a draw the first 7 minutes.
  2. I think AFC would like to win things if possible, but only if it isn't too much bother and doesn't involve any actual work. If not, they are quite happy doing just enough to keep the common fans off their back, enjoying their big days out, sipping champagne in the directors suite, and enjoying the status which comes with being big men at the club. That's why Milne loves McInnes so much, because his mediocrity allowed him to live a largely hassle-free existence for close to a decade. Incidentally, I don't think that is the attitude of Cormack who seems to actually want to do things, but I think he's in the minority. I suspect that if anything, those who have become quite comfy at the club doing bugger all will likely be working against him to maintain the comfy life.
  3. I thought the debt clearance was around £8-10m. What was the rest?
  4. Marginal? It was miles better than anything I've seen for months. At times this looked like we were actually playing football. It even looked like we'd worked on stuff on the training ground.
  5. Much better from Aberdeen tonight. Balls actually played (not punted) forward, closing players down, movement off the ball, triangles, crosses into the box, shots on goal. I mean, it's basic stuff, but I hadn't seen it in a red jersey for a while. Hopefully they've pulled the finger out and we can expect better from now to the end of the season.
  6. I think Covid has robbed Cormack of the chance to make a greater impact.
  7. He'll still be sacked, but we'll probably do it at a right awkward time like quarter past 8 or something, cos that's what we're like.
  8. I read somewhere that finishing third this year could be worth £3-4 million.
  9. Can't even find the joy in McInnes' departure right now. That was just sad.
  10. What's with all the sleekit references regards McInnes - something specific, or just a popular word here now?
  11. It will be hard for McInnes to survive now that this story has broken in the press. If it were all simply speculation that would be one thing, but with the information coming from the board - I think he's going. The only difference now is whether it comes after Saturday or at the end of the season.
  12. Absolutely. Aberdeen has a comfy problem. Too many comfy players producing very little for a very, very comfy manager.
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