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  1. Supermarkets running out of toilet roll again. What is wrong with humanity?
  2. Never trip the brown wire.
  3. It's absolutely bonkers what is being posted here at the moment. I forget the topic of the threads due to the amount of complete drivel being spouted.
  4. Come back. Baby come back.
  5. Everyone should get tested, every day. Otherwise how will we know that we're not asymptomatically spreading the Covid?
  6. Echoing what some have said on this thread I find the difference in approach with Aberdeen compared to the rest of the country a confusing and a bit disturbing. I don't want areas to be "locked down" but I would like assurances that each major cluster is going to be treated in a similar manner. I lolled when I read Sturgeon suggest that with four cases in Grampian today the Aberdeen pub cluster is "under control." Ya think honey?
  7. If that was her "lived experience" (to borrow a term I've heard from BLM protesters) then who is anyone to argue with it? Her story actually mirrors a few I've heard locally as well, they've never been so quiet.
  8. What are you drinking today?
  9. You can open up as well if you want. We're all friends here. Sooper handing out free hugs.
  10. Does the end game justify the economic and associated health costs that have/will inevitably come? I'm not doubting that lives have been saved but the whole country didn't need to be locked down in order to achieve this. We are in dangerous times and it has been piss easy for governments to lock everyone away. How long is too long? Can this go on forever, in theory? Dead and sick people don't produce economic activity, granted. But neither do the unemployed and I would suggest paying millions of people to sit at home on furlough has limited positive economic effect either. The virus barely causes as much as a sniffle amongst the overwhelming majority of the working age population. This was apparent very early on. Gave up after the fifth organisation as I thought I was spreading myself too thin in case they all needed help at once. The offer of help is there from my end should I get benched again. Happy to chat over P.M if you are needing help. The best wishes are appreciated. It's been an absolute shitter of a time and I would suggest the millions in my position aren't allowed to speak out. When I got the call on Thursday I genuinely thought I was away to get the dunt. The furlough money has helped. I'll give the government that. There's a lot worse off than me so I'll count my blessings. I can see mental health services being overwhelmed by the end of the year once the darker nights roll in.
  11. I've seen the word "progress" mentioned a few times. Is progress reclaiming basic rights that shouldn't have been taken away in the first place? In order to make myself useful during the first few weeks of furlough and house arrest I volunteered for five separate organisations. Not one had an opening for work. I was simply added to their "databases" and was promised a call when I was required. I'm still waiting. A "global pandemic" and a fit, healthy under 45 hasn't been called upon once to help his community. I'm back to work on Monday. Others won't be so lucky. The economy is fucked. That's not progress. We've regressed many many years.
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