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  1. BigInnes


    Well said, Geoffrey.
  2. BigInnes


    Nah, left him be.
  3. BigInnes


    I grassed on my elderly neighbour not long into the lockdown - back when you could only go out once a day. He hadn't left his house for days and, eventually, ventured out to go shopping, presumably. I rang the police and said this was the fourth time he had left the house that day - I also took a photo of him and shamed him on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. BigInnes

    In The News

    Just shows you the power of an Instagram filter.
  5. Holiday to Munich in May. #BringOnTheBeer
  6. Kennedy has been crap. Replace him with Hedges.
  7. BigInnes


    "Go on Ronnie!" Every bald brexiteer boomer, Wetherspoons/ Crucible Theatre
  8. BigInnes


    It has been vastly superior to watch without the slavering morons in the crowd.
  9. We'll be lucky to finish top six.
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