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  1. Rothaus Marzen and Diplomatico Reserva Top combo
  2. RedArmyFakshun


    you all in on the baile carioca scene, greys ?
  3. RedArmyFakshun

    In The News

    The Northfield debacle in 81 was i think, only because it was on the news that there had been an actual riot in Dundee the night before
  4. RedArmyFakshun

    In The News

    yeah. just raggedy young punks really. best that could be mustered
  5. RedArmyFakshun

    In The News

    UK riots in '81.. it kicked off in Northfield one night. Black marias lifted everyone in sight, folk hiding under hedges Misers was probably there
  6. RedArmyFakshun

    In The News

    Cycled solo round the provinces for a crack a few years back. Nae campsites, you just had to brass it in fields outside town. Cycling from Derry down the River Foyle to Strabane.. "is this the way to Donegal, chief"... "NO you're on the WRONG SIDE".. lol... also cycled round a blind corner and smack bang right into a republican funeral march near Omah.. ah good times
  7. RedArmyFakshun


    The asian countries like Vietnam and Taiwan did well in this pandemic, without vaccines. Firstly because they aren't obese, and secondly, they were already exposed to SARS. All these viruses are similar enough in structure to provide conferred immunity, including the variants. The UK and ALBA governments are too lame to be open and honest that being obese is the issue here, that's what makes you particularly vulnerable. If your seriously overweight, get vaccinated. But they're too weak to say it, so EVERYONE must get vaxxed. Fuck that shite.
  8. RedArmyFakshun


    Birch pollen season is underway Best stock up on amphetamine sulphate
  9. You can use Dunns food and drinks, or Beertown Suspect they may be the same outfit under the hood i got a box of Rothaus and a box of Veltins Pilsener they do the Hefeweizen also https://www.thebeertown.co.uk/products/rothaus-hefeweizen-20x500ml?_pos=3&_sid=496341974&_ss=r
  10. its two crates per order for free delivery, so will try that next time, cheers
  11. Crate of twenty Rothaus to get me through to friday
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