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  1. the boy is an opportunist who took his chance to be a national expert from the outset. i don't recall him humbly conceding that he was talking shite earlier, presumably because it would have compromised his newfound heavyweight status, which i expect he is quite enjoying.
  2. He wasn't prime-time on the national pulpit until Calderwood got the boot, but he was already popping up as a talking head all over the shop to comment as an authority on the subject. I'll try and find the clip on youtube later if i have time It was round about the time Calderwood was saying there was no reason to cancel the (sold out) rugby game, and Leitch was sticking firmly to the party line.. it wouldn't be a big deal but the volte-face was never acknowledged later Our advice is based on the latest scientific understanding of coronavirus. Health Protection Scotland has looked at all the available evidence, including the situation in the UK and France, and has concluded that there is no scientific reason for cancelling Scotland’s Six Nations fixtures at the weekend
  3. Some of you might mind that thon preacher boy Leitch was cool with the big SRU Rugby game Scotland France 60,000_+ at Muurayfiled in March because large scale sporting events "were not a big factor in covid transmission". Ye can't find that on google results now... they've deleted all of it..
  4. Communities Under New Tyranny
  5. Aye man roon the back o the 62 by the bikers hut, see ye there Anyway back to the Jaeger commentary Ye kin actually trace the Scottish cultural alco-heritage divide in the central belt Walk the canal east through west, and the odd cheeky discarded bottle of jaeger quickly becomes a sea of skanky Buckfast debris The wreck the hoose juice.. the commotion lotion.. a pox be on their unimaginative unsophisticated ways
  6. Impressive ongoing subscription to the Jaeger there, Misers Loved it for many a year but for that inevitable dark night that you tan the best part of three litres and boom shanka.. that's it, finito.. you can never ever touch it again.. just looking at the bottle brings back nightmares.. On yersel tho, champ
  7. those jambo cunts are just fat taxi drivers laughable really
  8. true that, but been thinking about this. do i hate st mirren cos back in the day a kid with two adults on tow spat on me outside love street back around 1979, while i walked alone among them, as a kid myself ? no. cos they are a diddy club, i didn't really give a fuck about it then, and still don't. so huns aside its really only clubs that we fear as potential rivals that we actively decide to hate, isn't it. and hibs are not our rivals. but a wee peek on their forums tonite and by fuck they hate us. so they fear us as their rivals. i guess thats all there is to it.
  9. never really understood the antagonism between the two clubs, ancient casual history aside i've spent decades in both ABDN and Leith and both have similar heroin OD demographics we all really FTH after all anyway easy 2-0 ABDN on sunday (Watkins / Hedges)
  10. ah mean obviously sometimes they misjudge it and oot that metal cage they come mind one old boy recently fuck sake he would have had a heart attack if he'd thrown as much as a punch ye have to laugh, but back off afore they do themselves mischief that you might well end up get the jail for
  11. excellent and hilarious example there, cockney don the boy on the motor bike made a classic mistake though, he carried on in front afterward which would have allowed Ron Pickering to rear end him with his two ton weapon I'd have got off the bike and fronted up straight away, these cunts never get out of their cage in reality
  12. the problem with physical violence is that its too visceral, intimate, far too similar to sexual contact that said maybe you need to reach a certain age before feeling that deeply (cans)
  13. without alcohol being involved? its a complex subject for a road cyclist when did you last get threatened physically and therefore asked them to come ahead then only for them to realise they weren't going to back it up (once or twice a month) how often do you end up fronting it against a total psycho with no boundaries who actually gets out of the motor (once every 5 years or so)
  14. Even before C19 this was already a serious issue. To the ruling elites, most of us are now expendable, we serve little purpose in a world of exponentially increasing automation. The question you pose is perhaps more fundamental to our species. What is humanity worth, in the face of the hegemony of the automated neoliberal corporate economy ? i have no skin in the game myself, i don't see humanity as something that is necessarily worth preserving on a universal scale. FTH
  15. Solid performance tonight, you can really see the impact of the new training complex Strength in depth which we'll need for the lengthy euro campaign McInnes has now mastered the "just in time" supply chain theory Totally buzzing for the season ahead, COYR
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