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  1. Same.I had appx 10 tons of dirty gravel to clear from a job. Thought I would give gumtree a try before clearing and managed to get rid of most of it via around 10 different folks with cars and trailers, and vans. Big ballache avoided
  2. Reusable? Stick an ad on Gumtree.Youll be surprised what folks will take
  3. Furryboots? Weve been doing bits of the Coastal path from Johnshaven up but not sure how continuous the path is after Stoney? Most of yesterday putting new flooring into a van. Lazy arse today
  4. Our players dont seem to have the natural motivation to go for it,(and stifled by McInnes),so Cormack should be offering handsome incentives to get 2nd
  5. Good chat with Anderson/Peterson on the West,freedom,identity politics,left v right etc
  6. Healthier than usual.Home made Tomato,pepper,split pea and Onion soup and a Persimmon
  7. Didnt realise he was top scorer there too,fair play.Caught the later, "Harpers a barrel" version of his career.Him and my pal wrote back and fore for years during and after career
  8. Aitchies still there? was always our first port of call getting off the North train for the fitba ....35 years ago.Fine wee place for an underage pint
  9. Laichomoray


    ...Donna Summer? ..or Johnny Winters
  10. Nae sunsets,caught this sunrise at Muchalls the other day DSC03144 by , on Flickr
  11. How come,that would fall within the 5 mile limit beyond the City council boundary?
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