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  1. Quality min. Ken this I drove past there on the bypass a few days ago,wondering if there were any paths in there .Is that the wee stream just down the hill fae Kirkton of M ? Theres another wood I fancy a look at as you turn South onto the bypass from the Westhill roundabout.First woods on the LHS
  2. Chanced booking a weeks fishing/walking up near Achiltibuie a few months ago for end May.Looking promising. Long weekends at a chalet on Loch Fyne,Cottage on Lismore ,plus as many camping trips as poss away from the crowds
  3. Dont disagree with any of that. Where were your puffins? Crawton? If you havnt been,head down.A surprisingly awesome place.Not sure why I hadnt been down before I first went last year
  4. Laichomoray

    George Floyd

    Ah well,its only homicide.Doesnt matter as much does it? Maybe I got stats mixed up,but whatever the stats are,young Black men are being disproportionately caught up in violent crime/homicide. I suggested,if folks want to help the Black community we should be asking why thats the case,so less of the 'humanity' shite. Youve offered nothing,except what? Im right ,so there? Theres a variety of differing stats out there,take your pick https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-black-americans-commit-crime Heres my opinion FWIW - Violent crime in the US has been plummeting since the 90s . The legacy of the past has,and probably for a generation or 2 yet,to be a sensitive subject in the AA community,but you'd hope it would peter out over time if youre careful.So,...if you want to help bridge the divide,what do you think highlighting only one type of death in one community at the hands of one type of Cop does for that community ? Like I said,name me 1 White/Hispanic etc whos died at the hands of the Police. Most of us can name a few from the Black community. Can you ever recall Race being in our face as much as it is these days? As I said,a large section of the media have a lot to answer for,they know what theyre doing,as well as the race baiters like Al Sharpton,Maxine Waters,BLM fanning the flames for their own gain by turning up after a certain type of death at the hands of a certain type of Cop,but nowhere to be seen otherwise,...or when kids are mowed down in downtown Chicago.
  5. Laichomoray

    George Floyd

    Homicide US homicide victims by race, 1980–2017[50] US homicide offenders by race, 1980–2017[51] According to the FBI, Black or African Americans accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with Whites 41.1%, and "Other"/Unknown 3.0% in cases were the race was known.[52] Among homicide victims in 2019 where the race was known, 54.7% were Black or African American, 42.3% were White, and 3.1% were of other races.[53][54] The per-capita offending rate for African Americans was roughly six times higher than Whites, and the victim rate is a similar figure. Most homicides were intraracial, with 88% of White victims killed by Whites and 80% of Black or African American victims killed by Blacks or African Americans.[54] Stats are different elsewhere for violent non fatal crime https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/revcoa18.pdf
  6. Laichomoray

    George Floyd

    You havent dug deeper then. Theres about(roughly) 1000 unarmed deaths at the hands of cops each year.About 1/4 are Black.If 50%(feel free to prove me wrong) of all violent crime is being carried out by young black men could you not argue theyre being killed less frequently than youd expect,if those figures are true? Theres a heap of reasons why those violent crime stats could be as they are though.If you sincerely want to help the black community,should we not be exploring whats causing a lot of the young males to be getting caught up in the violence in the first place? Poverty? Culture? Legacy of the past? ACAB? have a listen to Uncle Tatum
  7. Laichomoray

    George Floyd

    Fair do's,but dyou not think we only hear about these when its a white Police officer killing a black man? 3/4 of the unarmed deaths at Police hands are White/Hispanic/Asian etc.Can you name any of them? The ratio of deaths per contact with the Cops in the Black community is actually a lot less,than it is in the other communities.Im saying this to blame the media,(and patronising whites from nowhere near the 'Hood).Most of the media know how sensitive the past is to African Americans,and the actual stats out there,but cherry pick these situations knowing their ratings will go thru the roof
  8. Laichomoray

    In The News

    My mate is biding down there temporarily.I quite like it.Avoid if youre looking for a wild night out.A bit middle aged,golfy types around
  9. Laichomoray

    In The News

    Tuck Inn I think its called,on the High st/main road
  10. Laichomoray

    In The News

    Had my first breaded fish supper at a take away in Edzell a few weeks back.Fine it was too
  11. Laichomoray

    In The News

    shout out to the Fochabers fish bar First fish supper there a few weeks ago,excellent. honourable mention to the Quayside chipper,Gourdon.Last time I was at the Bay,it was good,but maybe spend more time on the supper than the fancy packaging ,and not worth the 20 minute wait
  12. Tipperweir hill fae Bridge of Dye.Looking over to Clachnaben on the way up DSC03751 (2) by , on Flickr Bonny Spring day......sometimes DSC03743 by , on Flickr
  13. Nae sure about McInnes man management.Think he was able to create a good atmosphere around the club,but as i said,too many times individual players seemed to go sideways or backwards which once they did,McInnes seemed incapable of turning round
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