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  1. Dundee Utd 1-1 St Mirren Ross County 1-0 Motherwell St Johnstone 0-1 Aberdeen Celtic 3-0 Hamilton Hibernian 1-2 Sevco Livingston 1-0 Kilmarnock.
  2. My loon who used to work in the AFC shop said he was a top guy. One of the few young players (before they moved to Westhill) that would acknowledge and talk to everyone.
  3. We have not scored (or even looked like scoring) against Motherwell in our two games this season. Unfortunately I can see another 0-0 draw in the offing.
  4. I think he sounds exactly like John Higgins the snooker gadgie. I actually enjoyed that game tonight. Farcical conditions, could hardly see the ball or the lines. Shite football all round, but enjoyable. And Scott Brown
  5. The banner getting some stick online. But it’s a start lads, well done. Cormack will be fully aware of the unrest in our support base. Absolutely no proper way of gauging the in or out brigade, but it’s got to be 50/50. McInnes himself must know he is on a shoogly peg. But he is not going to walk given the contract he is on.
  6. Livingston 0-2 Celtic (wednesday) ABERDEEN 2-1 Motherwell (saturday) Sevco 4-0 Ross County (saturday).
  7. Just get the charlatan to fuck right now. If the cunt had any morals, he would walk. Been with us about 8 years and probably picked up the best part of +£3m. Fuck off and take your pal Doc with you.
  8. Not a chance he would be back to us unless he publicly burned his hun top and then refused to piss on it.
  9. I always thought Jones looked a decent player. Very quick and direct, more so than Kennedy. But a couple of years kicking his heels at der hun will have sent him backwards.
  10. Celtic 2-1 Livingston Hamilton 1-0 Dundee Utd Hibernian 2-1 Kilmarnock Ross County 0-2 Aberdeen St Johnstone 2-0 St Mirren Motherwell 0-2 Sevco.
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    Sunny Beach is the only place I have been to where the pub/restaurant had a sign outside stating “no guns”.
  13. sheepcrooky

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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55577426 Boy doing the rounds charging for fake covid vaccs. Novel.
  14. It wasn’t even 6 months, maybe 4 months. Right fucking way to thank the club rehabilitating through his injury. Ungrateful little wankstain.
  15. No way the boy in Belarus would stand for that shit.
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