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  1. Age, experience, size, colour, fanny smell, tits and nipple sizeage, energy and consensual levels, there are tons of variables, preferences and holes. As I say, different folks, different profiteroles.
  2. Different folks, different sexual eclairs
  3. Not saying if the shooter was black or not yet but I'm disappointed that good hackers haven't got the internal CCTV footage yet. Imagine if the old pig behind the desk was being a dick, getting the most out of his last few days/weeks before retirement and taunting the suspect with monkey noises etc. before getting blasted five times. I would pay money to watch that.
  4. Don't underestimate the attractions of martyrdom and the promise of 72 virgins. If it was me, I'd negotiate with them and ask for 48 virgins up front. Then I'd fuck off instead of carrying out the terror attack and get witness protection in the west.
  5. Not everyone will be old enough but Led Zeppelin I was a phenomenal debut album, one of the best first albums of all time and yet in my opinion was not their best. If put on the spot I couldn't give a definite opinion of what was their best and whilst I don't agree with the many who say IV was their best, I would probably take Physical Graffiti or perhaps the underrated Presence with me to the desert island 🏝 Communication breakdown and particularly Babe I'm gonna leave you were fresh and new music 51 years ago when it came out.
  6. Doug Stanhope, again, nailed this issue. Talking about the rednecks who moaned about the Mexicans who couldn't even speak the language taking their unskilled jobs. The best comedians have always nailed social and human issues because they see stuff with good minds and great clarity.
  7. For a "man" who protests about stupidity on the forum, not even you can be this stupid. Read the post of mine you responded to, which wasn't addressing anything I said. Then take a flying fuck to yourself. Lennon at AFC? No fucking chance. He's already spent and damaged goods.
  8. Oh well, Milne didn't throw the chequebook at him, he's not afraid to take risks and the risk-averse are capable of succeeding.
  9. Lemmy was superb. Bought us a drink in the Capitol before the Bomber tour gig, still the best gig I've ever seen Sebastian claimed he never read the words on his t shirt before he put it on, which was a very faggot-like cop out especially about one of the best four word slogans ever devised, and deadly accurate.
  10. We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. Dod B. Shaw said that. Was that worth waiting for, weegie?
  11. Yeah I like it too. When the kids are grown up and flown the nest, you miss them. Getting all or most together at the same time is great but it's never about what society or the state tell us it's about and certainly not religion bollocks.
  12. Undoubtedly. They had more faith in the 1940's government to defeat the Nazi's than they do in this government containing a virus. It's all in the propaganda.
  13. Nobody's stopping you spending time with loved ones (nor getting pished) any day of the year. The "spirit of Christmas" is meaningless. Or at least whatever it was meant to mean should be abandoned on the grounds of fraudulent coercion or exploitative direction. It's like forced jollity or forced humanity. It's just wrong.
  14. Kate's bush has been coveted by millions. Fine lassie. Seen a documentary. Talented and good looking, in abundance for both is never a losing combination.
  15. Never ever thought about her lyrics in that song. The man with the child in his eyes may be a reference to that or it could be describing the sick motivations of priests and others of similar persuasions and predilections.
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