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  1. Mice are little and small. The cat likes to play with them. Three blind mice however; unfair contest, different dynamic. Retract the claws and move on. Nothing to see here. Leave the handicapped mice alone. They can not be improved and they would not taste good.
  2. Now now, don't start sickness. You know the drill. If you are too weak, don't start shit if you can't take it back. Edvard Munch made one to describe your future;
  3. You should get a sooky dog to increase your slim chances of avoiding another severe attack of depression, which may well turn fatal when the chink bins you. Shes shagging abody else onywye, not that you care.
  4. That pic is Findon Moor. On there most days, at least one and mostly both our dogs every day. Not sure about defined "coastal paths" but from Cove south and for more miles than I would reasonably want to walk in a day, it's all accessible. Here's old man dog, "rescued" summer 2019; He is the best being in our family, marginally ahead of me and the younger bitch dog being a distant 9th. The kids - who have accepted that they hold positions 5 to 8 - tried to argue that their mother was #1, the stupid cunts. She's 4th best being, some way behind our scum cat (who's crazy). Good thing about this breed of dogs is that they're nae sooky, looking for affection or attention all the time. Powerful jaws. Good attitudes.
  5. As you'll remember from your time living in , the country suffers terrible racial discrimination and segregation. The natives have been pushed beyond their limits by mass immigration and a failure to assimilate them. They are much further up the ladder of intolerance than the Brits. It is rumoured that nationally they were cheese-eating surrender monkeys during WWII. Fuck knows why I used Roman numerals there but comparing the gilets jaunes to their war efforts and their collective appetite to stand against the Germans is like comparing apples to marmosets.
  6. A "civil war" needs to be defined before anyone can start throwing predictions around. I"m amazed hungry people haven't been acting like people who are... well... hungry. I would have expected desperate people who may have been evicted (or under imminent threat thereof) from their homes to act like people who are desperate. I've been tooled and security-ed up for months for a random crime wave that hasn't come... yet. What doesn't shock or amaze me - nor does it surprise me unfortunately - is the fact that there has been no decent civil unrest or civil disobedience yet. There needs to be. The government is corrupt and incompetent. Unfortunately they are licensed to be by the acquiescing blind faithful, the stupid and the cowardly fearful with their denials-of-truth.
  7. Let's not rule out the possibility that the two of them had relations of an intimate kind, whether consensual or whether he tried it on with her. He was correctly found innocent because the evidence didn't prove beyond reasonable doubt but let's not kid ourselves, he's a sleazeball groper who's behaviour wasn't illegal when he was a younger man. Married a hook-nosed ugly woman who is much older than him so probably coveted extra curricular. He's a fucking weirdo.
  8. Dreadful. Vacuous. Quick one in the broom cupboard only. A Becker.
  9. She's turned into the ugliest old woman on telly. Just horrendous and unfuckable without anaesthetic. A 7 pinter.
  10. Once you've seen one Beano annual, you've seen them all. There will be clubs online you can find your ilk.
  11. Many think so. He got you down to a tee hee. Twat.
  12. Another sunny day in the NE. Heavenly.
  13. Bob Barker? I know we are not allowed to criticise artists but fuck me, he's fucking shite. Not an original thought in his fat guffy head and fat ugly cunts like him who wear earrings, deary me. You think you're a rebel you obese English bore? He tried and failed to borrow from banksy in a rare non-drab grey piece of pish. We are so polar opposite by personality I can't stand all of his music and most of his art.
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