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  1. You would be best shutting the fuck up you fucking fool.
  2. I assure you that you being a proven-beyond-any-reasonable-doubt moron is fuck all to do with that particular moronic post.
  3. I can't remember criticising you ever. You're not on my radar. All I'm seeing is that you are a sensitive wee flower with insecurity issues and a lack of self-confidence. Doesn't make you a bad person... until you started being so fucking thick you went off on one, boasting about this and that, thrashing about with insults and generally making a total cunt of it.
  4. I'm intrigued as to what he's managing? Do they have "pastry houses" where they have all these tiers of managers, all looking for promotions to manager other managers of pastry chefs? Must be pretty fucking expensive pastries in Ayrshire! Didn't know they were so into their patisseries to go with the religious bigotry.
  5. No. I asked a question. A specific question about your attitude towards good potential who you manage. There was not one sleight against you. If my question was misinterpreted by you, you can't expect me to apologise for your inability to read given the phenomenal clarity written in perfect English that I presented to you.
  6. Ok, so we've established that you're not a rich man. Now we need to establish why you felt the need to change the conversation. You reported having problems getting promotions in your world of middle management. Whilst exploring the role you perceive it to be - managing people - you were asked a question which might have helped you understand why good managers get promoted and why bad ones don't. Rather than even attempt to discuss the subject (that you initiated), you went off on a weird tangent and humble brags about you and your wife again? Tone, you said. That's a new one in me. The tone with which you engage with employees and colleagues can get you promoted? So you were always a superstar manager but it was your tone, not your attitude that was holding you back?
  7. Are you one of these... what do you call them... ah yes, are you a millionaire?
  8. The irrefutability of his tinkness was charging his parents for his cast off TV's.
  9. We've gone off topic. The dead ape wouldn't have been a suitable candidate for most jobs and his killer needs to slammed in the slammer.
  10. The two most oft used shit terms that interviewees come out with are team player and good communication skills. If I was unlucky enough that the pre-interview stage didn't vet them out and someone came out with either, that was a setback. Coming out with both was fatal. This was in response to the generic open question in relation to strengths and weaknesses. The 4-page generic application form I designed (which forced them to use handwriting, itself useful, particularly for certain jobs) asked six questions at the back, one of which was; What are your personal and professional ambitions? Most failed to recognise the dual nature of the question but I kid you not, on about a dozen occasions they wrote "to win the lottery". These candidates were always in receipt of the polite thanks but fuck off personalised letter and never invited for interview. 1990's so it cost me a quid + time for every loser!
  11. It's my fault for giving him the attention he craves. Bri was right, best to humour him and to thank god we are not him. As a key member of the have a nice day/ get cancer and die list, and a member full stop, he's getting phased out.
  12. This is fucking crazy. If this deregulated market has the gall and the balls to openly fuck with the values, good on them.
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