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  1. Cheers, Fridge. Cannot seem to post in any of the Classic Threads (maybe down to the fact I have only posted so much in my short time on here).
  2. Nae yet min but I will certainly give mine. Dildos on bonnets are a new concept to me but I gather it relates to someone being inferred to as a part of genitalia. Soiled (pished) myself the once when missing the last bus home to my home town, about 2003 time. This happened after the local plod were called down to Guild Street station and I was put up in a hostel in Dee Street for the night. I was oot the game. Nae the happiest of memories but no harm done.
  3. So jokes about black lesbians who cry rape are acceptable then? Did you hear the one about gay Georgina Floyd.....?
  4. Thanks for your insight, Rocket min. Whether folk agree with what you say or not is always going to be open to debate and differing opinions, however nobody can fault the manner in which you relay and deliver your opinions in terms of its eloquence and vocalbury used to put your points across. However, none of us can please everyone, and if we were able to, life would be even more boring than it currently is. Every comment or opinion is open to scrutiny and debate, and my ones certainly are. If I deserve to be criticised for a comment or opinion made that someone disagrees with, by all means do so but in a manner that is proportionate to my comment made, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Thanks for the clarity, Boof min.
  6. It was in jest, @Dad, certainly no offence intended. However, I will be watching what I post on here from now on (if I ever bother to do so again).
  7. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/aberdeen-man-snared-by-vigilantes-after-sending-explicit-messages/ No discerning, elderly chaps on here would do such a thing, eh @Dad?
  8. Aberdeen supporter as well. Good lad.
  9. . Fair enough min. If it was a nicely proportioned attractive woman, then we could be on to a winner.
  10. Could be a niche in the market for naked carpetfitting, perhaps?
  11. A bit like the Naked Rambler, Stephen Gough?
  12. Definitely, as he is part of a team that is going through a period of not looking as though they are going to get beat. You don't do that through luck and it takes a collective effort to go on such a run.
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