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  1. Ruptured his cruciate ligament out in Holland I see, boy has no luck with injuries.
  2. Dougie Donnelly doing the Red tv presenting tomorrow
  3. If he’s still their player of the season at the end of the season that’s a better judge of his quality rather than after 4 matches.
  4. Report today saying we may now have a desire to stay at Pittodrie. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/2829925/city-centre-masterplan-seafront/?fbclid=IwAR1WTqOL8NrAlJBNB1F5ORovn3BI2DpKr681-pM_0WMyxZozJQAJzyA5R0g
  5. When the alternatives are Anderson and Main then Cosgrove has to be the first choice - he has a goal scoring pedigree so assuming no signings in to replace him we have to find a way of getting him scoring. For me his best spell was when he had Stevie May playing alongside him.
  6. I wouldn’t write off Cosgrove yet, need to play to his strengths which we haven’t done since Stevie May moved on
  7. They haven’t been the same partnership since the Covid fiasco with the under 21s
  8. Nonsense, it was terrible goalkeeping by Langfield, came for the free kick, stopped, tried to jump from a standing position and was outjumped.
  9. Yep, played his alongside Stevie May, don’t think we have anyone capable of doing that now and don’t think the manager sees us playing in that way
  10. Are we completely writing off Cosgrove then? I wonder if another manager might be what he needs, be it at Pittodrie or elsewhere. Agree in the main with the rest you’ve outlined.
  11. Rumours of Adam Rooney going to Motherwell, you just know he will score if that happens
  12. A manager lives or dies by his recruitment.....
  13. Feels like we are back to where we were a year ago if not worse off
  14. As I said a new manager is needed
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