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  1. If we can pick up wins in our next two matches, which we should be doing, it will have been a decent start to the domestic season. Lewis Logan Taylor Considine Hayes Ferguson McCrorie Wright McGinn Hedges Edmondson
  2. Lewis Logan Hayes Considine Hoban McCrorie McGeough Ferguson Watkins Hedges Edmondson
  3. Worrall was outstanding for Forest last season.
  4. Unless another team has put in a bid at the eleventh hour and there’s now a bidding war happening?
  5. Very strange this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet? McKenna has had plenty issues with hamstring injuries in his time.....
  6. Point being it wasn’t just Taylor at fault yesterday yet he seems to be the fall guy.
  7. Who should have been replaced? Joe Lewis who made mistakes which led to 2 of the goals? Marley Watkins who missed a sitter from 6 yards? Lewis Ferguson who was anonymous?
  8. He’s a perfectly competent Scottish Premiership defender. He’s also always been a scapegoat for any poor Aberdeen performance, hell even his own manager hung him out to dry by hooking him yesterday.
  9. He has scored as many as all of the rest of our defenders have this season.
  10. I’ve seen a lot worse at Pittodrie than Ash Taylor. Michael Devlin for example. I think Taylor would walk into 9 other Premiership sides, says a lot about the standard of the league though.
  11. He’s a big threat in the opposition box. He was arguably our best central defender from early December until lockdown.
  12. Arguably he was our best centre half from early December until lockdown.
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