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  1. Looked into that and so fellow householders in this situation don’t have to quarantine
  2. In an already tight fixture schedule, having two matches postponed in August through our own negligence would be criminal
  3. Furlough hasn’t been removed, it’s available for employers until end of October
  4. Would think because they are in a secure bubble they’d be ok? Leicester City carried on playing when that city went into local lockdown
  5. Local lockdown in Aberdeen set to be announced at 1215 by the First Minister
  6. I’d love to see a breakdown of these six assists.
  7. Mark Gallagher 18 year old Ross County midfielder being linked with us now
  8. Announced by us as an attacking midfielder?!
  9. https://waepal.org.uk/2020/01/05/aberdeen-football-club-seeking-to-amend-planning-conditions/
  10. Cormack says they expected 7k for the match but was trying to get up to 10k. We got 9661 at the same stage last season v Stenhousemuir
  11. A midfielder and a replacement for GMS/Stewart the main recruitment aims for McInnes
  12. Do we have to reapply for planning permission after a certain timescale or does the fact we have completed phase 1 negate that need?
  13. Main struggles up front on his own. Would hope he’d be given a strike partner if selected
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