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  1. Fun day of bet today, 11/1 and 9/1 singles and a nice 90/1 treble on the horses, makes up for a poor few weeks.
  2. Conners got a share of a place, small loss for the week, now back to the bread n butter of the tour events, much more fun and profitable.
  3. minijc

    Boxing Fans

    He's improved massively like.
  4. First year in a while I've not been too bothered by it or had one I've fancied from a while back. Looked at the trends last night and backed a few that fit most of the trends and a couple that go slightly against them but look to have ok shots. Ideally wanting a horse between 8-10 having it's first run in the race but has experience over these fences plus a few other key things.
  5. He's be buried in Corfu, Rest In Greece.
  6. I really rate him, been watching and backing for a couple of years now and feels like this is a great time for him to be making his debut. There's a few other young Scottish players that are doing well which is great for the game.
  7. Conners is one of my picks, Casey my main bet and a few others like Kokrak, Griffin, Oosthuizen and Macintyre, all each way.
  8. Good mates with Glass after playing together, move here will suit him, where as other clubs may not be willing to compromise.
  9. There's a dog een as well, mintle as fuck price for a t shirt. Aye and I'd much rather wear there stuff as well, bought a few of their t-shirts 5 or 6 year ago.
  10. Balenciaga Oversized Cat Tee Black | END. (endclothing.com) Shame they don't do these in Xl, big fan.
  11. Sadly the majority of those teams are more than happy to accept their place and feed off of the Old Firm teat, you can see this with the reaction to us changing it up, they hate it, their fans hate it too and say "what more do they want". Cormack says a lot of the right things and it's very encouraging, if these plans work out we can become a very successful and self sustainable club by having a huge emphasis on bringing through young players, picking up some quality players and add in a mix of the right experienced players, getting 2-3 years out of them then moving them on for profit.
  12. minijc


    Got a good bit of love for T.Rex the now.
  13. minijc


    Took alphabrain for a while, it's alright, happy to just roll with my vitamin stack, CBD and 5htp even if the dreams are wild.
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