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  1. MT evolving in to a massive Tory is a new low for the Hat.
  2. minijc

    In The News

    I fucking detest that prick Bowie, he's a good example of a cunt that's never had a good hiding, therefore walks around with this air of impunity and a proper cunty grin on his chops.
  3. minijc


    I started taking it a few months ago after Dr Rhonda Patrick brought it up on the Joe Rogan podcast, everyone, regardless of their overall view of the situation should be taking a good vitamin stack alongside a good balanced diet (something I'm working on) along with exercising a bit more, also important to make sure your sleep is on point too.
  4. minijc


  5. "I have zero time for weak players" that's two that you idolised.
  6. LOL, you loved Lee Miller who fell over with a slight breeze and don't even get me started on your 'love' for Zero, a perennial loser that was just a show boater who had no fight in him at all.
  7. McKenna went with the main danger, he'd have looked so stupid if he let the player he followed go by himself if the ball was put across the face of the goal. left back and midfielder, number 11 were horrendous for the goal, goalkeepers positioning was off and number 24 was going to where the ball was coming from which he didn't need to do as two players were already there. Overall McKenna breezed through that match, he looks very comfortable on the ball and barring one really poor pass his distribution was very good, given that he only joined up the the team a few days before it was a very promising debut.
  8. minijc


    Christmas day is pish, much prefer to sit and watch whatever cricket or basketball is on.
  9. minijc


    Maryhilldon likes to retain children.
  10. minijc


    Leitch didn't threaten that, Matt Hancock did though.
  11. minijc


    Yes I did post it for a reason, it's an article that some would like to read and I have shares in a company that provides PPE.
  12. minijc


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