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  1. St J 2 Aberdeen 2 hamilton 2 Ross County 2 Livi 2 Hibs 2 The Rangers 4 St Mirren 0 Killie 1 Celtic 3 Mothwerwell 3 Dundee Utd 1
  2. Tommy


    No travel over 5 miles from city. What a fuckin shambles.
  3. Tommy


    I saw a load of pics of people in McNasty’s on Saturday, then it was announced that they had an issue and all pics and tagged people’s names were deleted. I wonder how many are self isolating.
  4. Congratulations James Drummond, whoever the fuck you are. A good win champ.
  5. I got an e mail from the club tonight thanking me for getting a ticket for the Merkland end. I never bought one.
  6. I thought your comment was rude but you’re man enough to apologise. All is good.
  7. Handy that an ex AFC youth player is involved with them.
  8. I’d only sell tickets to genuine weegies rather than those cunts from nowhere near Govan who jump on the plastic weegie glory hunting buses. That would take their numbers down to a nearly acceptable level.
  9. He’s a good cunt. Especially when bevvied.
  10. One is acceptable but that’s just showing off.
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