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  1. 2.30 pm kick off Sunday 1/11. Premier Sport(Pish)
  2. ‘Glorious’ failure but they were there for the taking. A gamble at HT by putting on Edmonson and Wright as we still had to score might have helped. Back to bread and butter stuff but much improved from the Motherwell game.
  3. Tommy

    In The News

    That’s the boss man at our last shirt sponsor. A ridiculous sum of money.
  4. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/clubs-going-to-the-wall.134673/post-6960607 So this cunt is among us. So many plastic weegie lowlife scum going on about their wish list of clubs to die, ignoring the obvious fact that relative to this is that the huns are haemorrhaging money given their wage bill and no crowds at European games.
  5. A relief that nothing dodgy discovered at medical. Good luck to him, hope we get a lot more money from the sell on clause. A new central defender is a must.
  6. You won’t need a trial to sign up and toughen up this mob. Captain and free travel and accommodation.
  7. A ridiculous outcome. The clubs should never have been charged.
  8. That is out of order- he should have been told about interest after the game.
  9. Teenage Rampage at the Beach Ballroom Blitz was a Blockbuster.
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