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  1. Roberto

    Eu Referendum

    No deal should have been done 3 years ago and got out. That's simply the best thing that should have happened. EU need us more than we need them. However on the other hand, Westminster need us more than we need them.
  2. Roberto

    Holidays 2019

    Keep fighting the good fight CC. Your musings are a good read. I'm a fan. Have a good holiday.
  3. Roberto

    Holidays 2019

    Northern Soul night was superb. Recommend. Gig was arite, Liverpool was excellent as per. Kenmore on Tuesday Oz boxing day... decided on Singapore en route back. 2020 taking shape also with few things booked already.
  4. Scanning pervy picture thread... only logged back in for that shit. Miss that thread. Good few months of catching up on made Saturday morning worthwhile. It was a delight. Enjoy your weekend.
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