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  1. Fuck me. This is a shambles. Should use the McKenna money to bin McInnes and get the Motherwell manager.
  2. That's going to be a shambles as soon as any significant crowds return to Pittodrie.
  3. brownie

    In The News

    How's the bow and arrow set?
  4. brownie

    In The News

    Vile journalism? Which parts in particular? It's not as if the journalist has invented the tale. Police turned up and he actually had arrows, a bow and a large blade.
  5. brownie

    In The News

    We get it. You're cool with sad acts taking their weapons down to the school to show some kids how they'd deal with a zombie apocalypse.
  6. brownie

    In The News

    " Ms Love said Twidale was found to be in possession of a five-foot “traditional wooden archery bow” in a black case, and 11 metal arrows measuring 28 inches long in a quiver. He also had a curved hook knife with a 12.5 inch blade, a total length of 18.5 inches." It's real life, nae Playstation. You can't just take a kid down to the school playground and pretend you're John Rambo or the Tomb Raider.
  7. If he did then he could be in trouble. There could be grounds for gross misconduct.
  8. What an embarrassment. If anyone at the club has given players authorisation to go into town then I expect action to be taking.If not then the players deserve to be fined. Its no wonder we have struggled to compete with teams in Europe. We've got that outdated mentality that going out on the piss is the thing to do if you're a footballer. Elsewhere in Europe and even down south, the top players are athletes. This lot are a step up from the juniors you'd see out on a Saturday night with their club blazers back in the day. Fucking ridiculous. £10m training facility for that lot? Sort the club management out and get a professional mindset in there.
  9. Who gave them the go ahead to go into town whilst they are meant to be operating in a bubble? Football was only given the go-ahead to return based on compliance with these new rules. As such, who said it was OK to go out? I wouldn't be surprised if we are made an example of and forfeit some of these upcoming games. What a fucking shit show.
  10. If McInnes had sanctioned the players going out on Saturday night then he needs booting in the balls. Fucking pathetic and right back to the days of Calderwood. No wonder the players looked a yard off it, they had a night out to go to. The owner of Soul needs a kick in the balls for those scenes at the weekend too.
  11. brownie


    It's nae Chickenpox
  12. brownie


    Schools are clearly more important than pubs. Education is critical and it then allows parents to move from working at home.
  13. brownie


    I heard them say that furlough could be reintroduced as a result. I don't think it'll be long before some question if people in Soul etc at the weekend should be allowed to furlough.
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