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  1. πŸ˜† Clearly overestimated the standard of Slovakian fitba. 7-zip now.
  2. Apologies gents, bit late on this. A seasons best last week but still not threatning the bookies too much yet. 3/6 Results G31Don Norwich at home 4/5 😫 The Buzzard Brentford 4/7 πŸ’ͺ Studebaker-90 Hull vs crew over 2.5 goals @ 17/20 😫 Henry - Leeds 4/7 πŸ’ͺ Dynamo St Johnstone 19/20 😫 dazzy_deff Blackburn 11/20 πŸ’ͺ This weeks line up @The Buzzard (1) Henry (1) - Fleetwood v AFC Wimbledon O2.5 4/5 Dazzy_deff (1) - Portsmouth Win 8/13 @maryhilldon @robbojunior Thedandydon (1) Bench Don Fonte King Street Loon (1) Sooper-hanz Redforever86 G31Don (1) Studebaker-90 Dynamo
  3. This is about the crux of it. A proportion of the population are now paralysed with fear about COVID as its all they've heard about for 6 months. The topic of threat and risk doesnt even seem to register with them, as if we haven't lived with the possibility of catching tranmissable viruses for our entire lives. No acknowledgement that the extreme focus on COVID is damaging so many other health services from functioning anywhere near normal. No strategy as to how and when they can get back on track, just disproportionate desicion making based on 'cases'. Cases which are curiously rising just as normal seasonal virus and bugs do at this time year after year. A test that may or may not differentiate between live and old coronavirus and register false positives. If we could have a running daily total for influenza and pneumonia please for a sense of persepctive. I imagine the trend will be very much in line with COVID, elderly being the most susceptible, middle aged not immune but less mortatlity and the younger generation able to fight it off. All treatable, some vaccine protection but nothing foolproof. COIVD seems to be like a hybrid of these two but its being assumed its seasonal. Its a new strain of virus that we've not been exposed to but will have to be at some point to develop the means of fighting it off. A vaccine might protect us to some extent but how many will take it up, especailly with so little time to guage side effects? I can't wrap my head around why some a pinning their return to normality on this or why theres so little acceptance of having to live with COVID (potentially) for years to come, pehaps indefinately!
  4. What about hospitalisations and deaths? The BBC have chosen to omit this from the headine grabbing article.
  5. If only they could back up their scienctific reasoning behind these decisons with some actual factual evidence, I might be able to buy into it. Making a baseless statement that hosehold transmission is a significant contributor to cases is all well and good but how significant? Most of the outbreaks we hear about are from workplaces where theres a high concentration of people. Multiple people being infected at once will spread it far quicker than two households. I've been in the odd pub and restaurant recently, most gave the illusion of following rules and im sure to begin with they were being enforced but very quickly relaxed. These face shields they wear are next to useless. Most families would tend to make themselves aware if one was showing symptoms and probably not get together on that basis. Most would do it as a matter of course, especailly with elderly relatives. Its driven purely to try and keep the hospitality sector ticking over, it wont prevent further spread and will more than likely be the source of future outbreaks. Meanwhile, the rest of the population have to just put up with no/minimal social interaction for god knows how long now and thats that.
  6. Not sure where i read it but it stated the average age of those who die from Covid is 82! Life expectancy is 81.
  7. Riga FC 0-3 Celtic Willem II 1-3 Sevco Hapoel Beer Sheva 2-1 Motherwell Shkendija 1-4 Tottenham LASK Linz 1-1 Dunajska Streda Sporting Lisbon 1-2 Aberdeen
  8. Covid doesnt come out until 10pm in these places... I think..I've lost track to be honest. As a family of 5, we're fucked, regardless of this gaping loophole. Potentially six months of this shitshow!
  9. I doubt all these older victims with 'underlying' conditions being reported are suddnely discovering they have other long standing health conditions upon catching the COVID's. Would assume it could be applied to both meanings but primarily in the context of having pre-existing conditions, rightly of wrongly.
  10. Correct. Bit of a stange article that, states that around 300k have reported long lasting symptoms from covid. The UK's total figure for cases is just under 400k. Not denying the existance of 'long-covid' but 75% of all sufferers? Something doesnt sit right with paramedics telling someone in respiratory distress its not worth their time because they're young. 🀨 Yesterdays Valance and Whitty double act was a complete shambles. How are they coming to the conclusions that they are? A quick look at the French and Spanish figures that they refferred to showed no such doubling trend. They seem to be at odds with the actual 'science' they puport to follow. No-one was allowed to question them either which is quite telling.
  11. Didn't see much of it but noticable that the big hitters rose to the top, with Bryson's Happy Gilmore golf blowing away the rest. Doesn't matter what course you play, averaging 325 off the tee will always give you an advantage. Long irons are becoming obsolete these days. Driver, 10 wedges and a putter's all these guys need. πŸ˜„
  12. Seemed to play ok against Rangers and didnt do much wrong before being hooked against StJ's but barely seen since. Thought he'd get a run at the RB slot but McInnes clearly doesn't have much faith in him for reasons known only to himself. Wonder if he'll come back into the reckoning with the imminent departure of McKenna?
  13. No, not been up that way for a while. I can well believe it though. There was a brief period where shops limited numbers and the likes but that didnt last long. Masks still seem to be observed for the most past but i've started to notice more going without lately. Staff in these places dinna bother much either. Social distancing is a non starter in most venues. Used the metro in Manchester once, masks were all over the shop, if present at all. Then theres the elephant in the room that never seems to be mentioned regards towns in the North West...
  14. Theres a degree of possibility that the virus is less potent than the initial bout, or that a more damaging strain circulated but may have been drowned out by another. Lockdown and the subsequent measures they've tried to implement undoubtedly slowed the spread but we were never going to see the back of it by sheltering ourselves for a few months. Its just pushed the problem further down the road. As soon as we started mingling in social spaces its taken off again. You'll never achieve 100% compliance. Sticking some markers on the floor and a bottle of sanitiser at the door and assuming folk will pay heed is naive thinking. Yet its commonplace at most of the shops and restaurants i've been and I live in worst affected region in England.
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