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  1. Where have the club said this? No Dons fan see the summit of our ambition as a 3rd place finish.
  2. Its this line of thinking that just filters down to the likes of McInnes though, made clear by his post-match comments banging on how rangers were the superior side and we should be pleased to have kept it to such a tight scoreline, or words to that effect. He should have been raging at such a tepid showing, not heaping praise on our opposition. The fact the media are having this discussion before the first round of fixtures are complete is what irks me. We, along with others have been written off before we even had a chance to assess the form and qualities of each team.
  3. One Game in to the new season and already the BBC has pre-determined the OF, having both opened with wins, will race away and leave the rest of us battling for the coveted '3rd place' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53463363 Whilst the odds are this will be the case, it's ridiculous that we just accept this is the way of things in Scottish Football and that simply being the best of the rest is some kind of achievement.
  4. Definitely seems to be parallels to the latter period of Calderwood’s reign when the fans tired of the managers approach and became predictable, despite results not being terrible. The good will generated from his early cup win has long since ran out and despite coming close a few times since then, we just can’t punch through and get that 2nd trophy that might get the fans believing again. I doubt Cormack will be as patient as his predecessor should we make a slow start this season.
  5. I think bebo mentioned that to get the site back up and running he had to restore a backup from Jan so believe all threads/post after that date wont exist.
  6. I expected us to be slightly behind in our match fitness but our fitness in general looked poor which is not something we usually lack as a squad. Whether that’s down to the limited pre-season or less intense training methods being enforced due to distancing measures I don’t know. You can almost excuse this of the players but not struggling to get the basics right like simple passing and movement. Not having a vociferous crowd behind us to up the tempo probably worked against us too although I imagine there would have been little positivity being shouted from the stands on the back of such a lacklustre performance. It was unfortunate that we had Sevco first up who were certainly sharper for the extra friendlies and better organised, but it already looks like their inability to press home their advantage will see them fail to seriously challenge Celtic again. It’s ironic that the one area of the pitch we had concerns about (defence) actually looked pretty decent whereas our strongest area in midfield was woefully out of sorts. Anderson was given nothing to work with so would be harsh to drop him on that basis
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