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Found 27 results

  1. Tricky away game, especially without both Ferguson & McCrorie. I imagine (injuries permitting) he’ll just replace Ferguson with Dean Campbell. Lewis Hoban Taylor Considine Kennedy Ojo Campbell Hayes Hedges Wright Cosgrove Subs; Woods, Logan, Leigh, Virtanen, Main, McLennan, McGinn, Anderson a 0-0 snooze fest is my prediction
  2. Will be some job picking a team for this one. Ferguson suspended for this one or the following one?
  3. 4pm on a Friday so I suupose we better have a match thread. Apathy! 0-1. Consi.
  4. Suspended: Hedges Injured: Watkins, McGeouch, Devlin, Leigh Doubtful: Cerny and McLennan Edmondson has left the club and it looks like the departures of Woods, Watkins and Hernandez will also be this week. Lewis Hoban Taylor Considine Logan Ferguson McCrorie Hayes Wright Kennedy Cosgrove subs: Cerny, Main, Campbell, Ojo, McGinn, Anderson, Virtanen, McLennan, Ngwenya prediction: 1-0 to the good guys. McCrorie.
  5. Taylor in P&J saying we can beat Huns. Got to admire his confidence in our attacking players (that couldn’t score of late if we doubled the size of the goals) to score against a defence that has conceded just 5 goals.
  6. Injured: Watkins, McGeouch, Devlin, Leigh and Cerny added to squad since St Johnstone game: McCrorie, Wright and McLennan Hernandez is removed and I'm assuming there won't be any transfers in/out on Friday. Lewis Hoban Taylor Consi Kennedy McCrorie Ferguson Hayes Hedges Wright Cosgrove subs: Woods, Campbell, Main, Logan, Ojo, McGinn, Edmondson, McLennan, Ngwenya 2-0 to the Good Guys
  7. Reckon we'll win this one narrowly! 2-1 dons Interesting fact for you guys:- The town of Livingston is named after a 12th century Flemish entrepreneur called De Leving.
  8. Hopefully Lang tests positive for Covid19 before match
  9. Hangover viewing, noon ko Sunday. A game we should be winning (budgets). McRorie suspended? Ferguson back? 0-2.
  10. Big game this weekend, with the manager under a bit of pressure from the fans. Personally, I'm not looking forward to watching it, but will watch it all the same. Score predictions:
  11. Lets hope the dynamic duo back in midfield gives the side a bit more attacking intent. It can't get much worse than the last 3 games. 0-1.
  12. Out: Cerny, Wright, McGeouch, Hayes, Ferguson, McLennan, Watkins, McGinn, McCrorie Lewis Hoban Taylor Consi Hedges Ojo Campbell Leigh Kennedy Edmondson Cosgrove subs: Woods, Logan, Hernandez, Main, Devlin, X, X, X This is a big match and three points would be huge. Still not happy with the central midfield but it is what it is.
  13. How depressing. International break followed by game away to these cunts. Already lost McGinn to injury & potential to lose his more important replacement Kennedy due to International game. Dreading this game & the highly likely McInnes capitulation to them again & sadly would be delighted just to scrape some/any kind of draw even. prediction however is a 3 nil loss to hatrick of penalties
  14. Injured: Cerny, Campbell, McGeouch, Hayes and Watkins Lewis Hoban Taylor Considine McLennan McCrorie Ferguson Kennedy Hedges Wright Cosgrove subs: Woods, Logan, Leigh, Devlin, Ojo, Main, McGinn, Hernandez, Edmondson. He might be tempted to stick Ojo in for Wright or McLennan with a view to him getting some minutes before Ibrox. Huge 3 points at stake.
  15. Injured: Cerny and Campbell Doubtful: Hayes, Edmondson, Taylor, McCrorie and Main I'd vote for playing Hedges at wing back again but I don't think McInnes will trust him in this one. I think it's a racing certainty he will match up to Celtic's 3-5-2 and have mcgeouch in with fergie and mccrorie. Not sure who will be the wing backs and not sure who will be 'up front' with Watkins. I think Hayes will either be out for the next three games or not risked for this one. Either way we'll be planning without him. Lewis Hoban Taylor Considine McGeouch McLennan Ferguson McCrorie Leigh Watkins Hedges subs: Woods, Logan, Ojo, McGinn, Edmondson, Kennedy, Wright, Cosgrove, Devlin others: Hernandez injured: Cerny, Campbell, Main and Hayes
  16. Hopefully a couple of the injured players back and no positive covid tests off the back of the international break. A striker is also a must. 2-0 the famous.
  17. Will miss this match a lot with no fans being allowed, always a favourite for the away support over the years. Cosgrove should be back for this, does anyone know if kennedy is back as well?
  18. Friday night football, 745 kick off at Pittodrie. Does anyone know why we're playing on Friday night if it's not on TV?
  19. If we can pick up wins in our next two matches, which we should be doing, it will have been a decent start to the domestic season. Lewis Logan Taylor Considine Hayes Ferguson McCrorie Wright McGinn Hedges Edmondson
  20. We go again. Not sure what the PPTV options are for this one. Hopefully Motherwell are fucked after last night going to a penalty shoot out.
  21. The Dons Train rolls on. Proposed team: Joe Lewis Hernandez Hoban McKenna Hayes McRorie Ferguson Hedges McGinn Watkins Main Lets see some more goals.
  22. Hibs with a full squad available with Kevin Nisbet a slight doubt only. Thoughts for this one.....
  23. Pay Per View options released by club, £9.99 if you have DNA and £12.99 if you don't. Good pricing and Livi fans can buy a stream too.
  24. Lewis Hernández Taylor Hoban Logan Campbell Ojo McGinn Ferguson Hedges Edmondson Rumours that Edmondson is out for 8 weeks....
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