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Found 25 results

  1. If we can pick up wins in our next two matches, which we should be doing, it will have been a decent start to the domestic season. Lewis Logan Taylor Considine Hayes Ferguson McCrorie Wright McGinn Hedges Edmondson
  2. We go again. Not sure what the PPTV options are for this one. Hopefully Motherwell are fucked after last night going to a penalty shoot out.
  3. The Dons Train rolls on. Proposed team: Joe Lewis Hernandez Hoban McKenna Hayes McRorie Ferguson Hedges McGinn Watkins Main Lets see some more goals.
  4. Hibs with a full squad available with Kevin Nisbet a slight doubt only. Thoughts for this one.....
  5. Pay Per View options released by club, £9.99 if you have DNA and £12.99 if you don't. Good pricing and Livi fans can buy a stream too.
  6. Injured: Devlin, Cosgrove and Main Suspended: Considine Lewis Hernandez Taylor McKenna Hayes Ferguson Campbell Kennedy Bryson McGinn Edmondson subs: Cerny, Logan, Hoban, Ojo, Anderson, Hedges, McGeouch, McLennan, Wright Prediction: 2-0 Edmondson double COYR
  7. Lewis Hernández Taylor Hoban Logan Campbell Ojo McGinn Ferguson Hedges Edmondson Rumours that Edmondson is out for 8 weeks....
  8. Let’s make it five losses in a row please. Another McGinn master class like a few seasons ago
  9. Fear for this one. Especially if Cosgrove suspension upheld. Livi just off the back of a 4-0 win. Been scoring for fun lately actually. Ten goals in last three games. 4-0, 3-3 & 3-0 Unbeaten in last five since losing away to Celtic prior. Can we score against them without Sam? Can our defence keep them out? Anything less than 6 points from next two games & McInnes should be given his jotters. Motherwell’s last two games before shutdown are county & Hamilton. Could easily be more than 3 points ahead of us before we have chance to close gap when we play after shutdown
  10. OOT! A typical wimpy McInnes performance very likely. Need Ojo and Leigh fit to play 90mins or we'll be destroyed in midfield and Consi will be raped at lb. I'd be delighted with a draw.
  11. IN. Train. Blootered. Hibs can`t defend. 1-3. Too early to predict the team after last night but hopefully McGinn is fit as we've little craft in the squad.
  12. Anything less tha 3 home points & McInnes walks. Preferably he walks before
  13. Anything less than 3 home points & McInnes walks. Preferably he walks before
  14. Thank fuck I'm not home for this one. The sight of those inbred, dribbling, vacuum headed, bigoted fucktards wandering our streets is enough to question the validity of human life itself. Lewis Logan McKenna Devlin Considine Leigh Vyner Campbell Ferguson Bryson Gallagher 0-0 or 0-5
  15. I see the Dons are trying a match day experience on Saturday ... Ahead of our match with St Mirren at Pittodrie on Saturday 30th November, Dons supporters will be able to enjoy some pre‐match entertainment with a difference as motorcycling legend, Dougie Lampkin MBE puts on a trademark display of stunts, tricks and outstanding skill. Dougie is one of the greatest motorcycling champions of his age, winning twelve Trial World titles, along with numerous National and European championships including the Scottish Six Days Trial on twelve occasions too. In recent years Dougie has also developed notoriety for breath‐taking and death‐defying stunts, often working with Red Bull to take on abandoned or intriguing locations around the world and now he is set for Pittodrie. Dougie Lampkin’s pre‐match activity before we take on St Mirren is the first of a few planned activities between now and the end of the season as we look to maximise the potential of Pittodrie for supporters over the next few seasons. Ahead of Dougie’s visit, AFC Commercial Director, Rob Wicks commented, “We have had some strong feedback from supporters that they would like to see their matchday experience enhanced, and pre‐match entertainment certainly forms part of that. “Having worked with Dougie before I know that our supporters are in for a treat. Bring the kids along and you’ll be in for a treat as Dougie’s show is really amazing. With many motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the North‐East, it would be great to see them along at Pittodrie for the occasion too.” Looking forward to his first visit to Pittodrie Dougie Lampkin added, “It is a little known fact that I was actually a keen footballer back in my youth, but definitely lacked the skills to play at professional level. Thankfully I was better on bike , so I am really looking forward to showing AFC fans why I decided to hang up my football boots at an early age.” Supporters are encouraged to turn up early, with the first of three shows starting at 1.45pm outside the Richard Donald Stand and the final show set to kick‐off at 2.30pm. Look out for more information across our channels in the build‐up to the match. Tickets for the match with St Mirren are available now, with U12 tickets available from £6 and Adult tickets available from £22
  16. Injured: Wright, Vyner & Ojo Lewis Logan Devlin McKenna Considine Leigh Ferguson Hedges Bryson McGinn Cosgrove subs: Cerny, Taylor, Main, Gallagher, McLennan, Campbell, Anderson others: Gleeson, Wilson, E. Ross
  17. We return to the best away trip going (almost). Everyone better be steaming. Looks like it'll sell out, only around 300 tickets left with 8 days to go.
  18. Good time to start winning matches at Pittodrie Injured : Ojo & Wright Doubtful : Taylor & Bryson Lewis Logan Considine McKenna Leigh Vyner Ferguson Hedges Bryson McGinn Cosgrove subs: Cerny, Devlin, Campbell, McLennan, Anderson, Main, Gallagher left out: Gleeson, Wilson, Taylor, E.Ross
  19. Injured: Taylor, Ojo, Wright Suspended: Ferguson, Main Lewis Logan Devlin McKenna Considine Vyner Leigh Hedges Bryson McGinn Cosgrove subs: Cerny, Gallagher, Wilson, McLennan, Gleeson, Anderson, Campbell prediction: 1-1 Cosgrove Pen crowd: 17,211
  20. Cant remember who is likley to be fit for this one but the 2 suspensions will be used as an excuse. 2-0. Can't be fucked going but might change my mind by Saturday morning and its patg.
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