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Found 3 results

  1. Unfortunately due to the tech issues @Bebo has been dealing with to keep the forum going the prediction league for this season is over before it started. As Bebo has mentioned in the 'Aplogies' thread due to server updates the predictor league has suffered so will not be continuing this season unless solution is found. Cheers
  2. Jaw dropping stuff it was from the winner last year; young Samuel pipping pensioner Thomas by the merest of margins (congrats again @@Samac92 - fucking terrific son; with you Wednesday all being well - @@Tommy what can I say; that was a HARSH way to miss out son; hard fucking lines. Chin up though son - at least it gets you used to the feeling of missing out, given it'll happen again in this season contest with me romping home to victory. Fancy myself for the grand prize given all I've learnt over the last 12 months. Hard lines in anticipation son haha ). So aye - usual shite; league can be found via the following link: http://super6.skysports.com/league/create-join?code=J41Y3T Then click 'JOIN' * The code should already be entered; but in case you get flustered - here it is again: J41Y3T Terrific - thats you in; welcome Theres a round up straight away to play (mind and 'Challenge Jeff' at the bottom; once clicked - it slips your name into the hat for a wee £1000 bangers (I was always beating the cunt, and never once coined it in - but here; got to be in it to win the money). They're getting pretty racy with their prize - promising a pot of £2 million, should 2 million cunts sign up.If its no me - Id love it if it were one of you heroes; propelled into the life of Reilly, laughing and giggling at the sheer good fortune of it all. Lets wish that for each other. As usual - a nice bottle of beverage on offer to the winner (£30 maximum we'll say - but ach we can chat about it at the time. Prefer you'd take a T-Shirt tbh; at least thats historic). In fact aye fuck it - first prize is a 'haha terrific' Tshirt. Ach fuck it - a Tshirt and a bottle up to £30 (relatively loose, given the nice tipples at the mid thirty mark). Best of luck you bunch of arseholes haha YES hoo mama
  3. The Official AFC-Chat Prediction League™ is back for the 2019/20 season. That's all the fixtures up until the split entered into the league now. I will adjust the fixture dates and k.o times as and when they are announced by either Sky or BT. So time to get signed up to play.
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