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Yesterday, 09:47 PM

Manhunt: the raoul moat story is on itv Thursday 9:00 funnily enough

Better get a KFC in

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

They have put out a statement saying they are happy the judge agreed with them on a couple of points and that they will keep fighting as they promised there fans.

Give Budge her due no matter how many times she fails she gets up and comes back to fail again

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

Skins was last Seen hanging from a lamppost on Princes Street

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Yesterday, 02:29 PM


Defoe said: "It's exciting. You feel like a little kid, you know, when the new kit comes out. In the summer when your mum gets you a new kit. I'm 37 and I still feel like a little kid. I love it. It's an unbelievable fit and I love this bit [blue stripe down shorts].




Jabba must pass these clowns scripts before they speak to the Weegia

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

Yesterday, 01:29 PM

Case has now been sent to the SFA for arbitration hope they throw Hearts out