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In Topic: Mcinnes

Yesterday, 07:45 PM

He does look absolutely broken in that post match interview

Its this "we did a lot of things right, we had a lot of possession" that winds me up

It's not as if it was dominating, leading to chance after chance possession

Its fannying around with the ball at the back before the inevitable retreat back to lewis to thump it aimlessly up front

He ACTUALLY @RAZOR said we did well getting so many corners!!!

Really? If that's so we have reached a new low.

When will it end.

In Topic: Sam Cosgrove

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

He is the only one who scored for us, so I would argue he is our biggest problem

Haha. Come on min.

Read that back to yourself.

In Topic: St Mirren 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Yesterday, 04:11 PM

"I thought we controlled the game. Defensively I thought we were solid throughout. I thought we passed the ball well, we got into some threatening areas but we didn't work the goalkeeper enough. It's stuff we've been speaking about for a period of time now where we have to make more of our possession.

"We came here and did a lot right. But getting a point is frustrating because I thought we had enough possession to get more from the game."

Get this fucking idiot straight to fuck.

That's worrying. We're into to GWT territory now.

In Topic: Sam Cosgrove

Yesterday, 02:51 PM

Rubbish lately but I'd hate to see where we would be this season without him.

In Topic: St Mirren 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Yesterday, 02:20 PM

Abysmal. Again.

Nothing more to add.