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Today, 11:17 AM

People are self policing the situation as a result of the media spreading fear through those that take every news article at face value. Most people that think for themselves can now see this virus for what it is and should be allowed to take the risk of going to a pub or a restaurant etc if they want to.

As ordinary people how do we get our revenge on those bastards in the media who have done this to the good people of our lands....

They cannot be allowed to get away with this.

Jobby in the post would be a gentle option. Storming their offices Charlie Hebdo style probably a tad over reactive.

Let's get creative and put the cunts out of business.


In Topic: Coronavirus

Yesterday, 07:59 PM

Never thought about this.

Sex starved housewives pissed off at their husbands.

Hoo fucking mama.


Walk in with a t-shirt saying "my spunk contains zinc and vitamin D" and your Nutsack will be as empty as a Spanish care home in no time my boy.

In Topic: Coronavirus

Yesterday, 07:59 PM

My wife has been moaning about how we need a bigger house.

But she's wrong.

It's two fucking houses we need.


Be some tasty ass divorcee mamas hooring themselves about these bars in a few weeks yesiree boy.

If you can't get laid then, you're as well as having died of the flying AIDS.

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Yesterday, 07:23 PM

You're right

My mental health has taken a battering

I'm shattered and falling asleep all the time

The whole thing is totally unnatural and this is why it is out of order keeping a rabbit as a pet

Get a job as a nurse.

Get you out the house.

In Topic: Coronavirus

Yesterday, 07:23 PM

Simple solution would be to stop riding your ma after a night out