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In Topic: Restaurants In Aberdeen

Today, 02:28 AM

That’s where eh got mistaken for a holllywood star, albeit b-list. Stupid Hamilton, but the food and drink were good and free.

Danny De Vito is A-List pal.

In Topic: What You Drinking Today

Today, 02:03 AM

Ol Grays on the prowl.


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In Topic: Gilets

Today, 12:24 AM

New Zealand maybe


In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

Screenshot-20191116-170847.pngtemporary image hosting

In Topic: Kickings

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

Haha I remember that. Same washing machine got pissed in if I mind right.

Shite in the kettle naw?

Fuck knows.

I could hear that scousers teeth smash and break though.

Cowardly big cunt that Ross Black.