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27 May 2020 - 05:51 PM

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

12 May 2020 - 04:33 PM

Nope not one bit. The following clip was the first time I'd seen Aberdeen beat Hearts at Tynecastle.





Ten years apart the two fixtures you posted. Was probably the best teams we had under Jimmy and McInnes.

In Topic: Out Of Contract

10 May 2020 - 04:11 AM

Left back is a hard position to fill

Leigh showed promise, I would get him in


Leigh looked good prior to his injury. I  preferred him to Lowe. He had an attacking threat and could defend. Was also decent in the air.

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

08 May 2020 - 09:41 PM

Over the moon with that decision. I can't wait to see the Documentary showcasing Hearts' demise over the past 22 months. 


When is the BBC Documentary about Hearts to be aired? Here's hoping its available on DVD.

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

19 March 2020 - 11:28 AM

The Hearts squad has apparently rejected Ann Budges request to take a 50% pay cut. Interesting times ahead for Hearts.