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In Topic: Pet Hates

Today, 07:25 AM

These born and bred scousers should know better



In Topic: Telly Programmes That Haven't Been Made Yet

Today, 07:23 AM

Gash in the Attic......Ann Frank hides out from nazis, gets bored, fingers herself


All family friendly but you had to lower the tone.  :rolleyes:

In Topic: Mcleish Away

Today, 07:17 AM

I think you meant stoopid?




In Topic: Bradley Welsh/442 Magazine

Today, 07:15 AM

A thug/bully dies. Boohoo. Who gives a flying fuck?

In Topic: In The News

Today, 01:18 AM


@Bad_Mobby fancy yourself as a bit of a landlord?

 Used to live near there. Don't think I ever entered the premises.