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In Topic: Next Manager

Today, 12:50 PM

Are folk seriously suggesting Duncan Ferguson!? Some of which have previously said we shouldn't have a manager who has links to either celtic or dead rangers/the rangers? Lolz

In Topic: James Wilson - Our New Number 9

Today, 09:40 AM

I am not obsessed with Glasgow, I couldn't give a fuck about it.
There are plenty of clues within Muttonhumper's post that you can reach a reasonable conclusion that it may refer to a certain club in that town.

Mutton's post in reply to 'Great Bowie film' implies something relating to the history of and current mindset of 'great' Britain. You went with Glasgow, as you're obsessed with it. Like many from Aberdeen!

In Topic: What You Doing Today?

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

keep up

Didn't happen then

In Topic: What You Doing Today?

Yesterday, 05:32 PM

Pics or it never happened

Will you be doing similar?

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 05:14 PM

Should change the name to Rapey Friday.