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2017 Gigs

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#211 OFFLINE   Dad


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 01:19 PM

In an effort to be open minded, I find myself watching George Ezras' set at Glastonbury, amidst a few shows deep binge of acts performing. Chesney Hawkes trying to do Bob Marley is my summary. No doubt he can play instruments and sing and perform to a high standard - but he is who he is at the end of the day...a hardcore white, upper class (he might not be rich - but in spirit, hes a toff) overly nice guy. Not a superfly, deeply stoned/drunk/high sexy black dude, with groove pouring out of him. Bless the cunt for trying though.


Royal Blood I thought were a solid if unspectacular glimpse back to the countless other straight ahead rock...after 4-5 songs, you do get a bit 'aye ok - I get it', but at a festival I'd likely be shoving folks playfully bouncing up n down like a dumb tube.


Kris Kristofferson - never been my cup of tea, the poetic half song ditties of a man 100% a deep country us of a type soaked in the heat and smells and sounds of where that place is. Jonathan Depp came on near the end too.


The XX; much like the 1975 last year, it feels like the circle rotates throughy 2 points atm - the 80's and the 10's. The grabbing of the essence of Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Cult , and just sticking that ' well I do have this 400 quid computer system, with which I can make more deeper richer sexier fresher sounds with' feel. Very moody, trippy trancey tromppy trappy type titulation.


The Pretenders - a nice wee nod back to when it was better sexier louder and cooler. Fair enough - good to see you, but its no as good.


Thats my reviews so far - based on the feedback, I'll maybe post a few more. Still got radiohead, Lorde and Dizzee Rascal to gaze upon.

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#212 OFFLINE   tiktak


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 01:48 PM

Nothing quite as grand as Glastonbury for me. Last night found myself in Falkirk. By chance there was a wee gig on in the town hall in Larbert. So I ambled along and found myself watching someone called The Redeyes though it turned out to be The Redeye as only one of them showed up. Short acoustic set which was nae better than a decent busker.


He was followed by Dogtooth, a teenage trio styled on Jam / Clash / Oasis. Pretty young lads, look like a couple of them might still be at school. They've got a bit of attitude about them and I enjoyed their set though they've got a bit of learning to do yet.


The headline act oldies like myself will probably remember from their big hit of the early 80s was The Vapors. Very much pop rather than rock but entertaining in its way even if there wasn't enough folk there to make a decent atmosphere. 

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#213 OFFLINE   OddJob


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Posted 24 June 2017 - 10:58 PM

Foo Fighters - fucking superb
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#214 OFFLINE   Sonoftherock


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Posted Yesterday, 05:46 AM

Anyone been to the Glasgow Art School for a show, decent venue/bar etc ?


Going there for the first time this month to see Methyl Ethel.


@GlezgaRed How did you find the gig?


They're from Perth - I've seen them a few time over here.  First time I went to see them, I was stood next to one of the lads parents!


I use this mob now and again



Thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for!

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Posted Yesterday, 07:49 AM

@GlezgaRed How did you find the gig?
They're from Perth - I've seen them a few time over here.  First time I went to see them, I was stood next to one of the lads parents!
Thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for!

You're welcome
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#216 OFFLINE   zander


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Posted Yesterday, 10:28 AM

Roses at Hampden last night.

As shite a venue for a gig as it is a football stadium.
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#217 ONLINE   Bad_Mobby


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Posted Yesterday, 12:13 PM

Roses at Hampden last night.

As shite a venue for a gig as it is a football stadium.

That (and all the clones) is what put me off

I would have maybe gone had I known it was their last gig.
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